In 2016 American Special Vehicle (ASV) engineers slammed a converted right-hand-drive RAM pick-up into a crash-test wall to ensure the safety performance of the locally modified truck. ASV is the only importer to crash test a RAM truck to demonstrate the successful deployment of the airbags. The right hand drive RAM passed the crash test with flying colours.

The test was supposed to take place last year, but however was delayed when a preliminary test revealed some areas for improvement. Those have now been incorporated into the final production of the vehicles and have been tested, refer to the video below.

It’s not surprising ASV earnt the Ram factory’s stamp of approval and is the only company authorised to remanufacture and sell this American legend in the country, giving ASV access to the technical knowledge and genuine RAM parts that these legends deserve.

Although American-built RAM trucks do not have to submit to the same Australian Design Rule (ADR) as passenger cars, ASV want to validate the vehicle anyway to prove its safety credentials.

Thanks to a year-long project to develop the right-hand conversion to meet Australian original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, RAM has already achieved full ADR truck certification.

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