Looking for Australia’s cheapest van? Look no further!

LDV has been named the cheapest van brand in the Australian market and yet they don’t compromise on quality, speed, power or strength. In fact the best way to get around from A to B is in a G (G10 LDV). The great news is Tynan Motors currently sell LDV at our Sutherland AND Wollongong locations!

LDV is a Chinese brand that only brought the G10 into Australia mid July 2014 and has launched the cheapest 1-tonne van in Australia bumping it up to the number one selling van just behind Hyundai’s iLoad. The petrol-powered, manual-gearbox G10 is the cheapest van on the block, saving on average around $8500 compared to its other ‘affordable’ rivals in Korea, Japan and Europe.

Made by China’s biggest motor company, SAIC Motor, and distributed in Australia by Ateco Automotive, the LDV van range, in both cargo and passenger variants, is now selling at the rate of about 100 units a month which shows the high demand for a good quality van.


The LDV G10 can carry a 1093 kg payload in a cargo space of 5200 litres, accessed by a rear lift door and a side-slider.

Standard equipment includes an LCD touch screen, reversing camera with parking sensors, Bluetooth, DVD, air-conditioning and power windows.

While safety equipment includes impressive items such as tyre-pressure monitoring, the G10 has only two frontal airbags and no head-protecting side airbags, leaving safety analysts less than impressed.

Standing out from the crowd, the best feature is defiantly the price. Pricing of the top-selling Toyota Hiace starts at $32,990 without the extra on-roads for the 2.7-litre petrol manual, whereas the Petrol G10 starts from $25,990.

The best part, LDV vans are covered by a three-year, 100,000 km warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Worldwide uses

LDV is one of Europe’s most recognised commercial vehicle brands. Not only has LDV had sales success as a cargo and passenger van, it has been selected by the British government for use by the Royal Bank and Royal Mail. There are plenty of ways to love these vans; they’re not just for trades!

View our latest special at Tynan LDV now: https://goo.gl/2wTtiI