Fashion blogger and style icon Elle Ferguson is the go-to girl for what’s in style. As one half of arguably Australia’s most popular fashion blog, They All Hate Us, it is no wonder Elle couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of her all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

“I am SO excited!! We have been talking about the Eclipse Cross for a few months and I’ve literally been counting the days down until I could get the keys, or should I say, keyless key!”

When we asked Elle what her favourite feature was, she found it hard to pick just one thing. “Ok so that’s like asking who’s your favourite child! The Eclipse Cross is next level! I’ve actually never owned a car with a sunroof and the Eclipse Cross has two! I’m loving cruising around Bondi with my sunroofs open, it’s a whole new experience.”

As a fashion blogger Elle spends a lot of time in her car travelling to and from shoots, “The interior is super spacious with a HUGE boot which I need as I do most of my work from my car, it’s like a travelling wardrobe.”

Aside from cruising Bondi beaches, Elle and her new fiancé Joel are excited to hit the road with her new car. But where will be first on their road trip hit list? ” Without a doubt Byron Bay… it’s the perfect road trip!”

So is the car the perfect new accessory? “I LOVE the black leather interior it’s so chic and goes with every outfit.”

And of course when Elle was picking the colour for her new wheels it had to be black, “Seriously never underestimate the power of a little black dress and now I’m saying never underestimate the power of the Mitsubishi Eclipse!”

If you’re like Elle and can’t wait to get into the new Eclipse then view our online stock here.