Ben Whitney, General Manager of Tynan Sutherland is imaged handing over the Honda keys to Mr. John Walters and Leonie Puckeridge from Sutherland Shire Carer Support Services on behalf of the Honda Foundation.

The Sutherland Shire Carer Support Service Inc. is a local community based not-for-profit organisation serving the Sutherland Shire for some 20 years. With over 21,000 carers in the Shire

Caring affects all communities, all ages and all cultures and carers are often referred to as ‘the forgotten community’. For a long time, the Sutherland Shire Carer Support Service have needed a vehicle to support our carers and to deliver their services.

Currently, they rely on staff to use their own private vehicles, for which we are required under the relevant Act to compensate them at the rate of 76 cents per km, which is substantial when you factor in regional travel.

Therefore, the Honda Foundation’s involvement with the Sutherland Shire Carer Support Services will assist greatly in their cause.