If you’ve got something big to tow, the ‘Aussie’ RAM is a luxurious and effortless way to do it.

Today’s Australian roads are dominated by 4×4 dual cab Utes as the growing popularity for a Ute that has dual purposes increases. This surging popularity is largely driven by dual purpose versatility, as their dual cab configuration allows them to serve as a family car and/or work vehicle during the week and a load-lugging escape machine on the weekend.

The typical 4×4 Ute will weigh in between 2 – 2.5 tonnes with  a wheelbase of around 3000+mm, which provides the rock-solid anchorage and straight line stability needed in front of the tow-ball.

Add to that the abundant torque and fuel efficiency of a modern turbo-diesel engine and an ‘intelligent’ automatic transmission with sequential manual shifting when required. It all adds up to a competent and comfortable vehicle for towing, be it a small single-axle recreational trailer or a big multi-axle caravan, boat/car trailer or horse float weighing up to three tonnes or more.

RAM 2500 Laramie Dual Cab 4×4

This big, brash American pickup, with a factory-approved RHD conversion by HSV affiliate American Special Vehicles and sumptuous six-seat leather interior, is designed primarily as a heavy duty tow vehicle and it’s exceptionally good in this role.

A massive ladder-frame chassis, 3577kg kerb weight and 3797mm wheelbase provide an ideal towing platform, powered by a huge Cummins 6.7 litre in-line six cylinder turbo-diesel with 276kW and a towering 1084Nm of torque. This bulldozer-grade engine, which also features a powerful exhaust brake, is matched with an intelligent six-speed automatic transmission, 4×4 drivetrain and electronic stability controls all tailor-made for extreme duty towing.

How extreme? We’re talking a maximum braked towing capacity of almost 7.0 tonnes (6989kg) and it can carry its full 913kg payload while doing it. So, if you’ve got something big to tow, like really big, the ‘Aussie’ RAM is a luxurious and effortless way to do it.

Other features

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

A system that optimizes vehicle stability and helps maintain directional control under demanding or adverse conditions. ESC compares the driver’s steering input to the vehicle’s actual movement, helping give you more control on the toughest jobs out there.

ESC has an added feature called Trailer Sway Dampening, which detects a swaying trailer and dampens the effect by applying brake pressure to alternating wheels and adjusting the throttle to bring the vehicle and the trailer under control

Dashboard-mounted Trailer Brake Controller

lets you automatically or manually operate the electronic brakes on properly equipped trailers. And with the Electronic Range Select and tow/haul mode, you’ll get the job done more easily than ever before.

Class V Hitch system

With fully boxed rear rails and rear axle cross member, Ram pickups are specially designed to accommodate the Class V Hitch system, which provides up to 4500kg maximum braked towing capacity on a 70mm ball.

What other Utes make the list?

  • Ford Ranger 4×4
  • Mazda BT-50 4×4
  • Holden Colorado 4×4
  • Toyota HiLux 4×4

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Story credit: CarsGuide.com.au