With the popularity of full-size American pick-up trucks on the rise, there’s only one way to remanufacture a world famous RAM… use world famous automotive engineers of course. That’s why RAM use American Special Vehicles (ASV) – a joint venture between Walkinshaw Automotive Group (WAG) and ATECO Automotive.

ASV is the RAM truck importer and locally owned right-hand drive conversion specialist. The conversion process in itself takes 24 hours end to end and with a line capacity of up to 1000 vehicles per annum, demand should increase.

Considering the demands of the RAM’s wide and varied customer base, the rigorous development of the model is reassuring to say the least. Locally, RAM vehicles are sold through a 24 strong national dealership network, soon to expand to 27 franchises locally.



ASV believe that the more components it can keep in their original location, the better the finished product will be during maintenance of the vehicle in its later life. Thus, only the intercooler and radiator pipes are altered.

The RAM variants are equipped with a newly manufactured steering box fitted to the outboard side of the right-hand chassis rail, replacing a mirrored unit fitted to the inboard side of the left-hand rail.

ASV also relocated the 37kg steering box to reduce the need fro re-engineering of parts, such as the air-conditioning compressor and hydraulic pump.

More than 400 parts are remanufactured in Australia and more than 70 per cent are fitted to the RAM. For instance, the right-hand drive wiper arm assembly comes from a Dodge Caravan.

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