You’ve probably seen the building site as you drive past our Kirrawee location for the last couple of months.

The building site is the location of our exciting new showroom for our brands at Kirrawee, including Opel, Suzuki and Hyundai.

We can’t wait for the new showroom, and it’s exciting to see how far it has come and how close it is to being opened.


This is a ‘before’ shot of the building site when things were starting to get underway.


This ‘before’ shot of the development shows the structure of the new showroom.


This is how the building is looking at the moment. It’s looking pretty good!


Here is inside the new showroom, where it is starting to get painted and get the final touches.

We all can’t wait until the showroom is completed, and we look forward to seeing you in there when it is all done. We have a few renovations planned across our locations in Sydney and Wollongong. Keep an eye out for them!