Honda Odyssey, Which Model is Right for You?

The Honda Odyssey has a broad range of new competitors, as SUV’s started having seven seats, but has managed to maintain relevance by creating a practical and flexible design. The Odyssey was introduced in February 2014 and updated in 2017. This update included better safety features and aesthetic changes while keeping all the great qualities of the original design. Variation Comparison There are two variations in the Honda Odyssey range: the entry-level, eight-seat VTi and the seven-seat VTi-L. The VTi ...

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Honda Civivc VTi-LX, The Classy Sedan

Honda has rolled out the 2019 model year update for the Civic. After performing well in 2018, the car has a lot to live up to. The Civic’s flagship model the VTi-LX sedan has almost every bit of tech you can think of, to help it stay competitive with its competition, which now includes smaller SUV’s. However, it is up for the challenge. Features Satellite navigation with live traffic updates 7.0-inch touch screen infotainment system, with Apple CarPlay and Android ...

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Honda HR-V 2018 Update

The Honda HR-V, since its release in 2015, has remained as one of Honda’s most competitive small SUV’s. After three years on the market, the Honda HR-V received a 2018 update. There are some specification tweaks across the range as well, along with the new RS and  LX specs. There is a range of new features while ensuring that the fantastic storage capacity of the 2015 model isn’t lost. Available Space To make the most of the storage space, Honda ...

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Honda Jazz, A Great Car in a Small Package

The Honda Jazz is the Hatch-back version of the Honda City. The Jazz is one of Honda’s most popular smaller cars, and for good reason. For its relatively small footprint, it has plenty of cabin room, which is unusual in this category of car. The Jazz can sit a 190cm person comfortably and has 355L of boot stores even when back seats are in use. Cabin Design One of the most exceptional features in the Jazz is its Magic Seats, ...

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Honda Type R, Built to be Driven

The 2019 Honda Civic Type R is a car designed to be driven by people who really like to drive. With no automatic options offered and a polarising body kit, makes this car an acquired taste. This four-door, four-seat hatchback might not be for everyone, but for those who want an extreme car, this is the one for you. Aesthetics The exterior of the car has a larger-than-average hatch body, large rear wing, and extreme front splitter. The Honda Civic ...

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2019 Honda CR-V Range Review

What stands out? The new-generation Honda CR-V is a spacious medium SUV with an easy-driving nature and a very family-friendly cabin. Power comes from a strong turbocharged engine, and the CR-V balances a comfortable ride with good handling. You can have five or seven seats, and auto braking is available. What body styles are there? There are a few styles, the five-door SUV-style wagon only, with seating for five or seven. Some Honda CR-Vs drive only their front wheels, while ...

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2019 Honda CR-V Review

2019 Honda CR-V Review The Honda CR-V is one of Honda’s best selling and continuous models that began in 1995 and has currently arrived in its 5th Generation. Being one of the original Pioneers into the modern SUV movement, now exploring a host of firsts such as a seven seat variant while all models are powered by a new-generation turbo charged engine that makes it both more efficient an enjoyable to drive. There are five variants in the latest CR-V ...

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Honda’s Aims To Be A One-Stop Shop For A Night On The Town

Vehicles are becoming increasingly high-tech and Honda has embraced this trend by showing its Dream Drive technology at CES.   Billed as the “first integrated driver and passenger infotainment, commerce, services and rewards” system, Dream Drive technology goes far beyond traditional infotainment features.   It enables users to make restaurant reservations, order movie tickets and pay for services such as parking or fuel without ever leaving their vehicle. As part of this effort, Honda has teamed up with a number of different ...

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What makes the Honda CR-V VTi-LX a great all-round SUV?

The Honda CR-V's sleek look isn't the only appealing factor about this SUV.   Comfort A spacious interior is a CR-V trademark and there's plenty of space in the front or back of this SUV. The overall design and layout doesn't give much away to its rivals, with decent storage space and soft-touch surfaces. The VTi-LX is also equipped with leather-accented upholstery, heated front seats, digital radio, panoramic sunroof and LED lights, providing the ultimate comfort.     Safety Autonomous emergency ...

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1973 Honda Civic

When Honda offered us a drive of the first-generation 1973 Honda Civic it recently acquired, we wanted to give it the spotlight, as its younger sibling, the tenth-generation 2018 Honda Civic, has seen plenty of it since its launch in 2016. Without the success of the Civic, there is a strong chance we wouldn’t be driving Hondas today. Before the Civic came along, Honda offered roadsters, wagons, sedans and smaller cars like the Kei-car-inspired Z and N360. But sales started to decline by the early ’70s and Honda ...

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