Meet the new CLA Coupé

Mercedes-Benz has taken the unprecedented step of revealing an all-new model at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the official unveiling of the second-generation CLA four-door coupe. The German brand has used the world’s biggest gadget expo for more than a decade in order to release information - either in concept or production form - of new technologies such as advances in connectivity or autonomy.   It largely follows the same formula as its popular predecessor, retaining ...

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Mercedes- AMG c63 S Estate Review

A midlife update brings a new nine-speed transmission and a plethora of driver modes to the Mercedes-AMG C63 S. Inside there's the introduction of 12.3- and 10.5-inch TFT screens – the former for the instrument cluster, the latter for the infotainment centre. There’s a new flat-bottomed steering wheel, too, featuring touchpad controls first seen on the S-class.    Dynamic engine mounts are also still standard for the S model, but what has changed is the gearbox. Out goes the seven-speed ...

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Mercedes-Benz A 200 Gets A New Tech Update

The A 200 just got an update bringing its top end technology to the class with a multitude of tech features.   Value The standard fare includes a sensor key with push button start, leather seats, cabin mood lighting, wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, digital radio and built-in navigation, and the awesome high-resolution wide-screen dash display similar to those in the E-Class and S-Class limousines. Super bright LED headlights with automatic blanking of oncoming traffic, a panorama sunroof and ...

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New Mercedes-Benz CLA

Give the new Mercedes-Benz CLA a wave and it can read your mind and body. Arriving later this year, the “four-door coupe” based on the A-Class hatch takes its cabin technical prowess to the next level. Hand gestures recognition improves basic functionality, and the CLA can also integrate with smartwatches to monitor how you are feeling to provide massages, heat or cool the seats and even adjust the lighting. Using heart rate and sleep analysis data, it can see whether ...

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2019 Mercedes Benz C200 Review

Mercedes trade heavily on creating desirability, and part of that allure is founded by hyperbolic luxury and high-performance models, far out of the reach of most customers. The C-Class is a compelling all-rounder, but it’s at the more affordable end of the spectrum where most budgets fit. The C-Class underwent an engine downsize for the latest generation entry variant, which has chopped fuel consumption and therefore running costs. Mercedes claims the C200 will use on average 6.4 litres of fuel per ...

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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE Review

    With the all-new fourth generation, Mercedes-Benz has upped the size, tech and features list of its popular GLE. In fact, the seven-seater format is standard in the new GLE. Buyers can opt for a five-seater as a no-cost option, but it’s expected the ‘seven’ will be vastly more popular, if for no other reason than that a stowed third seating row allows identical cargo space, up to 825L, to the ‘five’ – the only sacrifice being the deletion of the latter’s spare ...

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Mercedes-AMG E53 Review

  The E53 is effectively half-a-hybrid, packing an electric motor without the extra mass of a lithium-ion battery pack. In sedan, coupe or convertible guise, the motor augments initial acceleration until the six-cylinder engine has reached boost. The motor also powers the 48V electrical sub-system — there’s still a regular 12V wiring loom — and contributes to one of the most impressive take-offs you can hope for.   The E53’s engine is something of an engineering masterpiece. It’s a 3.0-litre ...

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan 2019 Teaser

New sedan to be the most aerodynamic car on the road today. Mercedes-Benz has teased the 2019 A-Class Sedan, confirming its credentials as a seriously slippery customer. According to the company, its upcoming three-box A-Class will be the most aerodynamically efficient car in the world with a 0.22 coefficient of drag (Cd), down on the (already-impressive) 0.25Cd offered by the hatchback. Beyond the basic shape, it says the headlight surrounds and seals are tighter than normal, while the underbody is almost completely sealed to better slice through ...

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Mercedes-Benz Star Lodge

Mercedes have taken the idea of snow-based “brand activations” to new heights with a clever, comfortable and cool new installation at Victoria’s Mt Buller ski fields. Well, not so much cool as warm, because the Mercedes-Benz Star Lodge, which opens to the public this weekend, is based on the European tradition of “warming huts”, which give skiers and boarders a chance to defrost their fingers in between runs. In a particularly nifty touch, the Star Lodge, which feels like a ...

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New generation Sprinter revealed

World premiere Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Duisburg 2018 The future of commercial transport is going to be smart and adaptable. The third generation Sprinter is set to raise the bar for an exciting new generation of intelligent, adaptable vehicles. Announced early this month in Germany, the next generation of Sprinter will boast the highest level safety features, brilliant design and a connectivity package that catapults it into a new era. Global CEO of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volker Mornhinweg, says, “With new ...

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