Driving to the Snow? Don’t Miss These Crucial Safety Tips!

Driving in wet weather can sometimes be challenging, but driving on ice and snow is even trickier and requires more attention and patience than usual. Did you know you can lose demerit points and be fined for driving with snow on the roof of your car? But why!? Firstly the danger caused to other motorists or pedestrians when the snow dislodges and more particularly what or who it hits when it does dislodge (particularly at speed). Secondly it quite often ...

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“Self healing tyres”

There might now be an alternative to run-flat tyre which comes from a special coating that will help develop a long lasting rubber that can heal itself when punctured. This technique was found by a research team in Germany. Their secret, according to scientists from Germany’s Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research and the Dresden University of Technology, along with Finland’s Tampere University of Technology, lies in a new technique by removing the vulcanisation method from the production process. Traditionally, sulfur ...

2017-02-22T20:46:23+10:00September 29th, 2015|Automotive News, Tynan Motors, Tyre|

The iFlex, an airless tyre design

If checking your tyre pressure feels like the bane of your existence, we have good news for you! The totally puncture-proof tyre is in the news again. This time, with Hankook announcing its successful high-speed testing of non-pneumatic tyre. The last airless-tyre story to appear in Internet was in March 2013, when a small All-Terrain (ATV) manufacturer announced details of a workable design dubbed Polaris NPT (for non-pneumatic tyre). The tyre had performed credibly at extensive testing regimes that included ...

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