Do you drive with team white – or do you prefer your car colour to stop traffic in red? We take a look at some of the most popular car colours and find out what they might tell us about drivers’ personalities.

Australians seem to love the colour white, with the shade being the most predominate on the Australian roads. We conclude this is due to the hot climate around our country and the colour reflecting heat, but possibly also due to easier visibility against our black tarmac and dirt country roads. Another theory is found from UK vehicle pricing experts that suggest white cars typically hold around 5 per cent more of their value than the market average for a typical used car, which could explain their high sales.

According to Chris Rewell, an image and colour consultant and former President of the Colour Society of Australia, a car’s colour can say a lot about its owner. Here, she shares her thoughts on several shades as well as facts on the colour popularity based on information provided by Youi Car Insurance.


Popularity: 30%

Personality traits: “White symbolised a person who is neat and immaculate in their appearance. They have impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene and expect others to adhere to their high standards.”

Suzuki options: Swift, Swift Sport, S-Cross, Vitara, Jimny, Ignis, Baleno


Popularity: 19.44%

Personality traits: “Silver means you are imaginative and creative, particularly in expressing yourself with the written word.” She continues, “You tend to be introspective, often preoccupied with your own world.” Perhaps you’re always rocking out to a song!

Suzuki options: Swift, Swift Sport, S-Cross, Vitara, Jimny, Baleno


Popularity: 11.29%

Personality traits: “Blue represents truth, solidarity and duty,” says Chris. “To Egyptians, it meant divinity, truth and integrity. Blue is calming and non-threatening, and 33 per cent of people choose it as a favourite colour generally.”

Suzuki options: Swift, Swift Sport, Jimny, Vitara, S-Cross, Ignis, Baleno


Popularity: 10.43%

Personality traits: “Black is a colour of power and mystery,” says Chris. “It is authoritative, dignified and sophisticated; the colour of independence, strength of convictions, intensity, self-control and protection.”

Suzuki options:  Swift, Swift Sport, S-Cross, Vitara, Jimny


Popularity: 6.81%

Personality traits: “Red is about physical stimulation and high energy – physical action and passion,” says Chris. “It demands attention and is confident and bold.”

Suzuki options: Swift, Swift Sport, S-Cross, Vitara, Ignis, Baleno


Popularity: 3.66%

Personality traits: “Green is the balance between warm and cool,” says Chris. “Methodical, efficient, balanced and controlled, it is the colour of security, success and achievement. It can be seen as the colour of money, also the promise of a fresh start – going forward, getting the ‘green light’. Green creates calm and is harmonious.”

Suzuki options: S-Cross, Jimny


Popularity: Part of the 1% attributed to ‘other’ colours

Personality traits: “Yellow is the lightest and brightest of the warm spectrum colours,” says Chris. “Positive by nature, it attracts attention in a cheerful, optimistic manner.”

Suzuki options: Swift Sport, Vitara