Did some research and after careful consideration including looking at used utes, this ute is fantastic and easily the best value for money. Other used utes with 80,000km on the clock and three years older were asking the same price as the LDV, so it was a no brainer.

The five-year warranty was also a big incentive and with a $5000 trade in of my rusted out Ford Ranger, I drove it away for $28,000; with an added tow bar. Plus it isn’t ugly and it gets a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

My wife and I have just driven to Tennant Creek, where we will be working and living, from Newcastle in three-and-a-half days with a small camper trailer, three dogs, the T60 packed to the roof, plus two kayaks and a large roof pod which I tie down on the camper.

We averaged 10.6L/100km fuel economy, sitting on 100km/h.

It doesn’t have the greatest torque for a ute, but it’s well capable of overtaking road trains and slower vans. We did notice if you push it over 115km/h, the fuel economy dips considerably.

The auto transmission is geared well and drops down when needed. The six-speed obviously helps with fuel economy and you also have the option of using it as a manual. The ride is also very good. Towing the camper trailer over a few non-brilliant road sections wasn’t an issue and we arrived in pretty good shape at the end of the day.

The ute is very comfy and the air conditioning works brilliant within a very short time. Good vision and a comfortable ride made it a pleasure to drive and the cruise control made it so much easier and maintained its speed with no problems.

The Bluetooth is great for podcasts and music and the screen is massive and easy to navigate. Another good point is the room and how comfortable it is for passengers in the back seat.

One bad point is the night lights, they are pretty useless. I added a bar light which certainly improved the driving at night, but when the high beam went off it was pretty dim. I put the fog lamps on which helped a bit, but I’d recommend adding extra lights.

All up I have now done over 10,000km and am very pleased with the T60.

Reliability is always going to be the big question which only time will tell but so far this Chinese dragon is certainly keeping me, the three dogs, and of course my wife, all very happy.

This is the fifth ute I have owned and at the moment would highly recommend taking one for a test drive.

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