//2018 Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo review

2018 Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo review

HAVE you ever hopped into a car for the first time and immediately thought, “this feels right”? The fifth-generation Suzuki Swift feels kinda like that.

The relationship between seat, pedals, shifter and wheel were spot-on, the seat itself seemed tailored to my dimensions and everything looked and felt like it had been designed, engineered and assembled with care – even if the plastics were rock-hard. 

Its lovely 1.0-litre Boosterjet turbo triple makes 82kW and 160Nm which is more than enough to pull its featherweight 945kg mass along, though the six-speed auto’s preference for high gears can see the rpm hovering at a number that feels too low for a light car, resulting in noticeable low-frequency exhaust noise and vibration.

It’s not actually an issue – this engine delivers its full torque output from just 1500rpm right up to 4000rpm. After a lifetime of exposure to plenty of wheezy light hatches that need stacks of revs to get anywhere, the Swift GLX Turbo’s low-end grunt requires a slight recalibration of expectations.

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