12 NSW Road Rules That Could Bring You Unstuck

12 NSW Road Rules That Could Bring You Unstuck banner

Tynan Motors - 2nd May 2023

Majority of road rules are in place to keep you safe. But you may require a refresher so you dont get caught off guard!

Keep on reading to ensure you are up to date with some of the newest rules around!

Although most road rules are basic knowledge and definitely should not be forgotten, there are also some which may be frustrating, but they all have common sense behind them as to why they are relevant.

Here are 12 road rules and taking 5-10 minutes out to read them, may just save you a fine or demerit points in the future. 

1. Locking your car

This one might just surprise you. 

If you are caught standing more than 3 metres away from your car without removing the keys from the ignition and locking the doors and windows, you could face a fine of $216.

There are two offences in one here, and if you haven't removed the keys from the ignition when you go into the store for 5 minutes, expect a fine of $108.

If you are caught with your cars windows and doors left down or unlocked, expect another $108 fine coming your way!

2. Mobile Phones

We should all know that using your mobile phone while driving is a serious offence and can cause a very fatal accident. 

Even when your in drive through waiting in line, it is still illegal to use your mobile phone or even have it in your lap. 

Unless your a P-Plater, since December 2022, mobile phone use is illegal full stop for provisional license holders with no exceptions. 

If you are caught, expect to pay a $325 fine and cop 3 demerit points with that. 

3. Bidding Farewell

Tooting your horn or waving goodbye to a friend or loved one, is a pretty standard way of saying goodbye when driving off afer visiting loved ones. 

Having your limb exit the vehicles window is an offence and doing this you have commited the crime of limb protude and can face a $325 fine with 3 demerit points.

If you are caught using your horn to say goodbye, you can face another $325 fine as it is an offence to use a warning device unnecessarily. 

4. Roundabouts

Roundabouts have quite simple rules to follow when utilising, but theres one rule which most drivers often forget about or just generally dont do and that is to indicate when exiting the roundabout to notify other drivers. 

If you are caught not indicating out of a roundabout, yoou will face a $180 fine and 2 demerit points. 

5. Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles

You must always give way to emergency vehicles when the have their lights and/or sirens on but if that involves you creeping over the stop line of a red light speed camera, you will still be required to pay the fine as you have still technically 'run' a red light. 

This will cost you $433 and 3 demerit points. 

6. Keeping Left

If you are driving anywhere that has a speed limit of above 80km/h, if you are not overtaking you must stay in the left lane. 

If you are caught driving in the right lane or causing an obstruction, you will be required to pay a $253 fine with 4 demerit points attached. 

7. Playing Nice

If you are an individual who gets a rush of splashing water on pedestrians on the side of the road after a downpour of rain, you can do so as there's no real law of this but if you are caught, you will be required to pay a fine of $180.

8. Seatbelt Debarkles

No matter what the occasion is, you must never recline the front passenger seat when there is a passenger in the seat.

This will cause the the seatbelt to no longer be worn correctly and can be just as bad as not wearing one at all. 

If you are caught, be prepared to pay a $325 fine and if your passenger is under 16, you will cop 3 demerit points as well, but if your passenger is over 18, be prepared to just pay the fine. 

9. Young Passengers

In NSW, if you have passengers under 7, they must all be seated in the back seats and never the front passenger seat unless they are above the age of 7.

If your passenger is under the age of 4, the must also be seated in the back seats with an Australian Standards approved child restraint or baby capsule which must be anchored to the back seat of the car.

If you are caught with either of these, be prepared to pay a $325 fine with a hefty 3 demerit points attached.

10. Slovenly Habits

We all know that parking tickets can be a nusance and are sometimes the last things you can be bothered to take out and put into the garbage bin but after this following information, you may want to always want to put them into the bin.

If you are caught displaying more than 3 parking tickets, be prepared to pay a $108 fine or if you are displaying more than one loading zone ticket, be prepared to pay another $108 fine.

11. Registration

Everyone should know that it is an offence to drive an unregistered car, but did you know that it is an offence to park an unregistered car on the street?

If you park a unregistered car on the road you must prepare yourself for a $650 fine as well as the tow fee for the vehicle to be taken to a place of residence which will not be located on the road. 

12. Address Changes

We all know that moving house can be crazy and there may be some things which may be forgotten. 

But ensure you dont forget to notify the Roads and Maritime Authority when you move house unless you would like to pay a $108 fine. 

Keep up to date with the News from Tynan Motors and click here to search our stock.

Keep up to date with the News from Tynan Motors and click here to search our stock.   

Keep up to date with the News from Tynan Motors and click here to search our stock.   

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