8 Road Rules You've Probably Broken (Without Knowing)

8 Road Rules You've Probably Broken (Without Knowing) banner

Are you a safe driver? You might think so, but the truth is, many of us are guilty of bending the rules of the road without even realizing it. From driving with one hand to not indicating correctly, here are eight road rules you've likely broken at some point in your driving life. Don't worry if some of these are news to you – many drivers are unaware of these lesser-known regulations.

1. Driving with One Hand

Did you know that driving with only one hand on the wheel is illegal in most states? While there are a few exceptions, such as when indicating or adjusting wipers, dangerous or inattentive driving laws prohibit one-handed driving. So next time you're behind the wheel, keep both hands on the wheel to stay on the right side of the law.

2. Not Indicating Correctly

Indicating is crucial for alerting other drivers to your movements. Whether you're changing lanes, turning, or navigating a roundabout, failing to use your indicators properly is breaking the law. Remember to signal whenever your car is moving to the left or right, and don't forget to indicate when leaving a roundabout.

3. Touching Your Mobile Phone

Using your mobile phone while driving is illegal in every Australian state. Despite this, many drivers still engage with their phones behind the wheel, contributing to accidents. To avoid hefty fines and stay safe on the road, set up your phone before driving and refrain from touching it until you've reached your destination.

4. Not Keeping Left at High Speeds

On freeways and highways, it's essential to keep left unless overtaking, turning, or avoiding obstructions. While there are exceptions, such as driving in traffic or using special lanes, staying left at high speeds is the safest practice. Be mindful of the speed threshold at which this rule applies in your state.

5. Speeding (Even a Little Bit)

Contrary to popular belief, police can fine drivers for exceeding the speed limit by even a small margin. All forms of speeding are illegal, and there's no guaranteed threshold for avoiding fines. Remember to obey speed limits at all times to ensure your safety and compliance with the law.

6. Not Slowing Down Past Emergency Vehicles

A relatively recent addition to road rules mandates that drivers must slow down when passing emergency vehicles with their lights on. This measure aims to protect emergency workers on the job. Remember to reduce your speed and proceed with caution when encountering emergency vehicles.

7. Driving Tired

Driving while fatigued is as dangerous and illegal as driving under the influence. Despite this, many Australian drivers admit to driving tired, putting themselves and others at risk. Watch for signs of fatigue and prioritize rest breaks to avoid potential fines and accidents.

8. Driving with a Cracked Windscreen

Driving with a cracked windscreen is against the rules in many states. Even minor cracks can compromise visibility and safety, so it's essential to address them promptly. Whether through repairs or replacement, prioritize fixing any windscreen damage to ensure compliance with road regulations.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

While these road rules may seem minor or unfamiliar, they play a crucial role in maintaining road safety for everyone. By staying informed and adhering to these regulations, you can contribute to safer roads for all drivers and pedestrians. Remember, responsible driving isn't just about following the obvious rules – it's about understanding and obeying all aspects of road law.

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