Ampol and Stockland Partner to Power Up EV Charging Across Australian Retail Centres

Ampol and Stockland Partner to Power Up EV Charging Across Australian Retail Centres banner

Australia's electric vehicle (EV) landscape is charging ahead with a significant collaboration between Ampol and Stockland. Ampol's announcement of a partnership with Stockland promises to revolutionize the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure across popular shopping precincts nationwide. With over 100 electric vehicle charging stations set to be installed at 16 Stockland retail sites spanning New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, this initiative marks a pivotal moment in Australia's transition towards sustainable transportation.

Expanding Access to EV Charging:

From picturesque Burleigh Heads to bustling Point Cook, the collaboration between Ampol and Stockland aims to cater to the growing demand for EV charging solutions. The deployment will encompass both fast and ultra-fast AmpCharge EV charging stations, capable of fully charging an electric vehicle in about 60 minutes or less. Each location will feature six to 12 charging bays, equipped to service two vehicles simultaneously. This strategic placement ensures that EV drivers will have convenient access to charging facilities during their visits to Stockland centres.

Ampol's Commitment to Sustainable Mobility:

Matt Halliday, Ampol's CEO, underscores the significance of this partnership in advancing the company's commitment to supporting customers and partners in their energy transition journeys. The expansion of Ampol's AmpCharge network to Stockland's diverse property portfolio reflects a concerted effort to make EV infrastructure more accessible and convenient for consumers. By integrating EV charging stations into popular retail hubs, Ampol is poised to play a pivotal role in driving the adoption of electric vehicles across Australia.

Stockland's ESG Strategy in Action:

Tarun Gupta, Stockland's Managing Director and CEO, emphasizes the partnership's alignment with the company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. With nearly 1.8 million visits to Stockland town centres on average each week, the initiative underscores Stockland's commitment to supporting customers' transition to a low-carbon future. By integrating EV charging infrastructure into their retail centres, Stockland is not only providing a service to EV drivers but also fostering sustainable practices within their communities.

Future Outlook:

As the uptake of EVs continues to accelerate in Australia, the Ampol-Stockland partnership lays the groundwork for future expansion. By integrating EV charging infrastructure into workplaces and communities, Stockland aims to make charging facilities more accessible and ubiquitous. This forward-thinking approach not only addresses the immediate needs of EV drivers but also contributes to building a more sustainable future for all Australians.


The collaboration between Ampol and Stockland heralds a new era in the Australian EV landscape. By deploying over 100 electric vehicle charging stations across popular retail centres, both companies are not only meeting the growing demand for EV infrastructure but also championing sustainability and innovation. As Australia moves towards a cleaner and greener transportation future, partnerships like this exemplify the crucial role that corporations can play in driving positive change. With Ampol and Stockland leading the charge, the road to a sustainable future looks brighter than ever before.

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