Chery Australia Prioritizes Private Buyers Over Fleet Sales

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Chery Australia has announced its strategic decision to focus on private buyers rather than chasing fleet sales volumes to boost its VFACTS numbers. The Chinese automaker aims to offer new budget-friendly small models and value-packed large cars for families, targeting gaps at both ends of the market.

A Focus on Private Buyers

Lucas Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Chery Motor Australia, emphasized that while fleet sales are an important part of the business, the brand's primary commitment is to private buyers who are seeking value and style. Harris stated, “Fleets are an important part of the business, and we certainly are not ignoring that, and we would like to get some fleet volume going. However, our main focus remains on private buyers.”

The Importance of Hire Cars

Harris also highlighted the potential of hire cars as a strategic opportunity to increase brand exposure. “Things like hire cars are a great opportunity to get customers exposed to the brand; they’re like unsolicited test drives, right? So we would welcome opportunities to be able to put more cars into hire companies, absolutely.”

Strategic Market Positioning

Chery's strategy involves identifying and filling gaps in the market where it can offer competitive, budget-friendly small models and feature-rich large cars for families. This approach is designed to attract a broad range of private buyers by providing exceptional value across different vehicle segments.

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