Chery Australia's Remarkable Growth: Surpassing 10,000 Sales

Chery Australia's Remarkable Growth: Surpassing 10,000 Sales banner

Chery Australia has recently celebrated two major milestones, highlighting the brand's rapid growth and increasing popularity in the Australian market. Following its market launch in March 2023, Chery has achieved over 10,000 sales and, for the first time, exceeded 1,000 monthly sales in June 2024, recording 1,079 units sold, according to the June VFACTS report.

Achievements and Growth

Chery Australia chief executive Lewis Lu expressed his pride in reaching these milestones so soon after celebrating the brand's first anniversary. “As a growth market, we are proud to reach these milestones in Australia so soon after celebrating our first anniversary,” Lu stated. He credited the hard work and dedication of the local team, dealership network, and the ongoing support of customers for these achievements. “Achieving 10,000 sales is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our local team, dealership network, and the ongoing support of our customers. Reaching 1,000 sales in a single month for the first time demonstrates the increasing demand for our vehicles and the strong market acceptance of Chery in Australia,” he added.

New Models and Future Plans

Over the past year, Chery has introduced three new models that have contributed to its success:

  1. Omoda 5: A crossover-style SUV that has resonated well with Australian consumers.
  2. Tiggo 7 Pro: A medium-sized SUV offering a blend of style and functionality.
  3. Tiggo 8 Pro Max: A spacious seven-seater SUV designed for larger families and those needing more space.

Building on this momentum, Chery plans to launch its first electric vehicle, the Omoda E5, later this year. This move aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles in Australia.

Looking Ahead

Chery's ambitious goals for the future include continuing to grow its market share and enhancing its brand’s reputation and awareness in Australia. “Our goal is to continue growing our market share and enhancing our brand’s reputation and awareness in Australia,” said Lu.

With a strong lineup of vehicles and a clear strategy for expansion, Chery is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for its products in the Australian market.


Chery Australia's rapid growth and recent milestones underscore the brand's successful return to the market. As it continues to introduce new models and expand its electric vehicle offerings, Chery is set to become a significant player in the Australian automotive landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth reviews as Chery continues to make its mark in Australia.


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