Chery Motors Focuses on Customer Commitment Over Rapid Expansion

Chery Motors Focuses on Customer Commitment Over Rapid Expansion banner

In a competitive automotive market, where new brands from China are expected to flood Australia in the coming year, Chery Motors is charting a different course. Rather than pursuing rapid expansion, the company is prioritizing its customers and dealers, demonstrating its commitment to the market through meaningful actions.

Putting Customers First

At the recent launch of the Tiggo 8 Pro Max, Chery Motor Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Lucas Harris, emphasized the importance of keeping customers at the forefront of their strategy. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, Chery aims to ensure a solid growth trajectory by focusing on ongoing care and communication with its customers.

“With about a dozen new brands expected to arrive in the market in the coming 12 months – all from China – Chery clearly has its eyes on the rearview mirror and the road ahead to ensure it avoids being passed before the next apex,” Harris stated.

Commitment to Ongoing Support

Harris highlighted the critical nature of providing reliable support for customers, especially given the significant investment that purchasing a vehicle entails. Unlike a $500 cell phone, a car is a major purchase, and customers need assurance that they will receive the necessary support if something goes wrong.

“It’s not like they’re going and buying a $500 cell phone and that if it breaks down and the support is not there, then it’s only $500 – we’re talking about a huge amount of money,” Harris explained. “If it breaks down, you want the support to be there, so I think that’s a big focus for us and I think that’s a big point of difference for us.”

Investing in Systems and Processes

To provide this level of support, Chery is making substantial investments in systems and processes designed to ensure dealer and customer satisfaction. Harris outlined the company's strategy to offer peace of mind to customers by being there with them every step of the way. This includes addressing practical issues promptly, such as repairing a chipped windscreen without long waiting periods.

“How do we give people peace of mind that we’re there with them every step of the way? Say they get a chip on the windscreen, and they’ve got to wait for six months to get a repair? That’s ridiculous,” Harris said. “So I think where our advantage will be is the level of investment that we’re willing to put in, and the systems and processes that we put in to make sure that we can support dealers firstly, and customers when they have issues. That’s a big difference.”

A Different Path in a Crowded Market

Chery’s approach contrasts with the more aggressive expansion strategies often seen in the automotive industry. By focusing on building strong relationships with customers and dealers, Chery aims to create a loyal customer base that values the company’s dedication to support and service.


As new brands prepare to enter the Australian market, Chery Motors is positioning itself as a customer-centric brand, dedicated to providing exceptional support and peace of mind. Through strategic investments in systems and processes, Chery is committed to ensuring that its customers feel valued and supported, setting the stage for sustainable growth in the competitive automotive landscape.

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