Chery's New Contender: A Chinese Ute Aiming for Dominance Down Under

Chery's New Contender: A Chinese Ute Aiming for Dominance Down Under banner

Chery Takes Aim at the Australian Ute Market

Chinese automaker Chery is gearing up to make a bold entrance into the competitive Australian ute market, challenging the dominance of popular models like the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux. According to recent reports from overseas, Chery is on the verge of unveiling a traditional body-on-frame ute, with plans to target consumers not only in Australia but also in South America and Europe. The upcoming ute is expected to make its debut in the coming months, with a planned launch in 2025.

Chery's Ambitious Plans for Australia

Chery first hinted at its intention to enter the Australian ute market in August 2022, just a few months before the brand made its return to the local market. Charlie Zhang, Chery International executive vice president, emphasized the significance of the Australian pickup market, expressing confidence in the brand's ability to develop a successful pickup model. Zhang stated, "We are also working on the feasibility study of developing the pickups because the pickup market in Australia is something very, very important."

While Chery has previously sold utes overseas, including the Higgo and Aika models under its Karry sub-brand, the current Australian lineup comprises two SUVs, namely the Omoda 5 and Tiggo 7 Pro.

Speculations on Powertrains and Competition

Although specific details about the upcoming Chery ute's powertrain options remain scarce, automotive experts speculate that it could offer a range of choices, from traditional petrol or diesel engines to more environmentally friendly options such as petrol plug-in hybrids or electric variants. This flexibility in powertrain options could position Chery's entry into the Australian market as a versatile contender catering to various consumer preferences.

In recent years, Chinese automakers like Great Wall Motors (GWM) and LDV have made strides in the Australian ute market. The GWM Ute and LDV T60 from China outsold established models like the Nissan Navara and Volkswagen Amarok in 2023, signaling a shift in consumer preferences. As more Chinese manufacturers eye the Australian market, the competition in the ute segment is expected to intensify.

Chery's Expanding Presence and Future Plans

While the official launch date for Chery's ute in Australia is yet to be announced, the brand is already making waves with plans to expand its range. In the coming months, Chery will introduce the larger Tiggo 8 Pro SUV, adding to its portfolio and signaling the brand's commitment to establishing a strong presence in the Australian automotive landscape.

As Chinese automakers continue to bring innovative and competitive offerings to the Australian market, consumers can anticipate a broader range of choices, increased competition, and potentially, a shift in the dynamics of the traditionally dominated ute segment. The unveiling of Chery's upcoming ute marks a significant chapter in the evolution of the Australian automotive market, as the brand aims to leave a lasting impression on discerning consumers. Stay tuned for further updates on Chery's foray into the Australian ute market and its broader automotive ambitions.

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