Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Secures Five-Star Safety Rating: A Milestone for Chinese Automaker in Australia

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Secures Five-Star Safety Rating: A Milestone for Chinese Automaker in Australia banner

Setting New Standards in Safety: The 2024 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro

In a significant achievement for Chinese automaker Chery, the 2024 Tiggo 7 Pro mid-size SUV has been awarded a coveted five-star safety rating by the Australasian New-Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). This accolade follows the success of the smaller Omoda 5 and solidifies Chery's commitment to delivering safety and performance to the Australian market.

A Five-Star Triumph

The Tiggo 7 Pro's five-star safety rating was earned through rigorous testing, adhering to the latest and most stringent crash-test criteria introduced at the beginning of this year, effective until 2025. This marks the second consecutive model from Chery to achieve the highest ANCAP rating since the brand's return to the Australian automotive scene last year.

The detailed breakdown of the Tiggo 7 Pro's scores showcases its commitment to safety across various categories. Notably, it achieved an 88% rating for Adult Occupant Protection, 87% for Child Occupant Protection, 72% for Vulnerable Road User Protection, and 86% for Safety Assist crash-avoidance technology.

Vulnerable Road User Protection: A Critical Aspect

The Vulnerable Road User Protection score, assessing the SUV's ability to protect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists, proved crucial in achieving the five-star rating. Scoring just 2 percentage points above the minimum requirement for five stars (70%), the Tiggo 7 Pro demonstrated its commitment to comprehensive road user safety.

However, ANCAP highlighted areas for improvement, specifically in the driver's chest protection during frontal offset and side-impact pole crash tests. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the protection of a pedestrian's head and pelvis in a collision.

Advanced Safety Systems: A Mixed Report Card

While the Tiggo 7 Pro received commendable scores for its advanced safety systems, including full marks for the lane-keep assist system, there were areas that fell short of perfection. The forward-facing autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane-keep assist systems' effectiveness in preventing collisions with motorcycles, along with the rear AEB tech's ability to detect pedestrians, were among the aspects that missed out on full points.

Chery addressed concerns about the vehicle's doors, assuring that they would "remain functional for the minimum time period required" and even included a "safety escape hammer to allow egress via the windows." ANCAP acknowledged this safety feature, emphasizing that the Tiggo 7 Pro is the first model to offer a safety escape hammer, aligning with evolving safety standards.

Charting New Territories: Chery's Commitment to Australian Roads

As the Tiggo 7 Pro secures its five-star safety rating, Chery solidifies its presence as a serious contender in the Australian automotive market. The brand's commitment to safety and performance is evident, and with each model, Chery strives to set new standards. The Tiggo 7 Pro stands not only as a representation of Chinese automotive excellence but also as a testament to Chery's dedication to providing Australian consumers with reliable, safe, and innovative vehicles.

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