Electrifying News: The 2024 Chery Omoda E5 SUV Charging into Australian Markets

Electrifying News: The 2024 Chery Omoda E5 SUV Charging into Australian Markets banner

Exciting developments are on the horizon for electric vehicle enthusiasts in Australia as Chinese car maker Chery gears up to introduce its first electric offering to the market – the 2024 Chery Omoda E5 electric SUV. Set to hit showrooms in the latter half of this year, the Omoda E5 promises to shake up the electric vehicle landscape with its blend of performance, technology, and affordability.

A Competitive Contender

With prices yet to be unveiled, Chery Australia executives are adamant that the Omoda E5 will be a "competitive" option in the electric vehicle segment. Drawing comparisons to established rivals like the BYD Atto 3 SUV and MG 4 hatch, Chery sets its sights on securing a spot among the top-selling electric cars in 2024.

Strategic Ambitions

Chery Australia Managing Director, Lucas Harris, exudes confidence in the Omoda E5's potential to capture the market. With ample supply and a compelling value proposition, Harris envisions the Omoda E5 appealing not only to traditional electric car buyers but also to those considering petrol-powered Chery models.

Feature-Rich Offering

Anticipation mounts as details emerge about the Omoda E5's features. Boasting a 12.3-inch touchscreen and panoramic sunroof as standard, Chery ensures that the Omoda E5 delivers on both comfort and technology fronts. Overseas models are powered by a robust electric motor paired with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack, promising impressive performance and range.

Driving into the Future

As the automotive industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards electrification, Chery is at the forefront, driving innovation and accessibility in electric mobility. The Omoda E5 represents not just a vehicle but a bold step towards a sustainable and eco-conscious future.

Tynan Motors: Your Destination for Electric Excellence

At Tynan Motors, we are committed to offering our customers the latest and most innovative vehicles on the market. With the impending arrival of the 2024 Chery Omoda E5, we invite you to experience the future of driving. Stay tuned for updates on pricing, specifications, and availability, and get ready to embark on a new era of automotive excellence with Tynan Motors.


The 2024 Chery Omoda E5 electric SUV is poised to make waves in the Australian automotive landscape, challenging conventions and redefining expectations. With its blend of performance, technology, and affordability, the Omoda E5 promises to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market. Get ready to plug in, power up, and join us on the journey towards a greener tomorrow with Chery and Tynan Motors.

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