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Embracing the Heart of Family: Tynan Mitsubishi - Where Cars and Family Unite banner

Tynan Motors - 9th August 2023

Here at Tynan Motors, we believe in the power of family values and traditions, and we take great pride in being a part of the Mitsubishi family. Our roots as a family-oriented business run deep, with Michael Tynan founding our dealership on the principle of treating our customers like cherished family members. Over the years, we've stayed true to this mission, creating a welcoming atmosphere that exudes warmth, trust, and dependability - values that align perfectly with the Mitsubishi brand.

The Family Legacy:Our journey began with Michael Tynan's vision, and now, as the second generation of Tynans, the legacy is carried forward with pride. Kieran, Daniel, Madeline and Francene each bring their unique perspectives and talents, contributing to the growth and success of Tynan Motors, adding to our charm and appeal.

A Family for the Community:As a Mitsubishi dealership, we go beyond being a business; we are an integral part of our community. Alongside our valued customers, we actively engage in local events and proudly lead our initiative, the Michael Tynan Challenge. Since 2016 we have been giving back to the community by raising funds and awareness for medical research in the St George, Sutherland Shire and the Illawarra. The MTC is currently funding a research project into head and neck cancer ANSTO and while in Wollongong we have established the Tynan Family Molecular Horizons Honours Scholarship to support honours students and their primary research supervisor in medical research projects at the University of Wollongong.  

More recently, we have partnered with Jensens Group as a major sponsor for their upcoming KNIP campaign, as we continue our mission to raise funds for cancer research. Tynan Mitsubishi Kirrawee has donated an Outlander Black Edition as a major prize in this year's KNIP campaign.  

Cars for Every Family Member:Mitsubishi's diverse range of vehicles perfectly aligns with our family-friendly ethos. From the compact Mirage for first-time drivers to the adventurous Pajero for weekend getaways, we have the right Mitsubishi for every family member's needs. The reliability, efficiency, and safety features of Mitsubishi cars make them ideal companions for your family's journeys. Take the spacious Outlander Plug-In Hybrid, with three rows of seating for up to seven people, along with thoughtful features like available multi-zone Climate Control, which means no one's asking, "Are we there yet?"  

Safety First, Always - Mitsubishi's Assurance:Family comes first, and that means safety is paramount. We take pride in offering Mitsubishi vehicles equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the protection of precious lives. From cutting-edge driver-assistance technologies to robust structural integrity, Mitsubishi's commitment to safety aligns perfectly with our family-oriented values.But our commitment to your safety doesn’t stop there. Every new Mitsubishi car purchase is backed with Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage, Australia’s only 10 Year car Warranty and 10 Year Capped Price Servicing. Diamond Advantage also includes genuine servicing and maintenance, 12 months Auto Club Roadside Assist and Membership, and more. T&Cs apply so please visit the website here to learn more.  

Making Memories Together:At Tynan Mitsubishi, we cherish family moments, and we understand that many of them happen in your car. Whether it's a road trip to the beach, cheering for your little one at soccer practice, or enjoying a leisurely weekend drive, our Mitsubishi vehicles become companions in creating cherished memories. The spacious interiors and modern features of Mitsubishi cars make every family adventure even more enjoyable.  

Testimonials from the Tynan Family:Who better to endorse a family-focused business than our very own Tynan family? The Tynan family shares anecdotes about how Tynan Mitsubishi has been an integral part of their lives. For instance, Samuel Tynan, son of Madeline Tynan, is currently driving a Triton - a testament to the family’s unwavering trust in the quality and reliability of Mitsubishi vehicles. The dealership has grown to be an extended family for countless Mitsubishi owners. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and building lasting relationships shines through in every testimonial.  

Here at Tynan Motors, we embody the true essence of a family business, embraced by the Mitsubishi family. We are more than just a dealership; we are a home for family values and a gateway to an exceptional range of Mitsubishi vehicles. Come be a part of our family and experience a dealership like no other, where Mitsubishi cars and family unite in perfect harmony. Let us welcome you with open arms and create unforgettable memories together on the road ahead.

Visit Tynan Mitsubishi in Kirrawee to explore our range of cars, or search online here.   

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