Enhanced Safety on the Horizon: MG 5 Sedan Set for an Upgrade

Enhanced Safety on the Horizon: MG 5 Sedan Set for an Upgrade banner

Since its arrival this year, the MG 5 sedan has turned heads in Australia with its attractive price point and sleek design. However, MG Motor Australia acknowledges that safety is paramount, and the brand is gearing up to address this concern by introducing an optional safety pack for the MG 5.

A spokesperson for MG Motor Australia emphasized the brand's commitment to continuous improvement, stating, "Where and when possible, we will add improvements to our products for our models during their life cycle." This commitment extends to the MG 5 sedan, with the brand actively working on an additional safety pack set to debut in the future.

A Safer Future for the MG 5

CarExpert reports that this safety upgrade is anticipated to reach Australia in late 2024. Currently, the MG 5 in its Australian specifications lacks active safety features beyond the mandatory autonomous emergency braking (AEB). Even the top-of-the-line Essence variant doesn't offer additional active safety technology.

Looking to international markets, particularly China and Thailand, provides insights into what the safety pack for the MG 5 might entail. In China, the MG 5 can be equipped with advanced features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, intelligent speed assist, and traffic jam assist. Additionally, the Thai market offers blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, features also available in the sportier MG 5 Scorpio variant in China.

It's worth noting that, in its current form, the MG 5 is the only vehicle in its segment in Australia without adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, or rear cross-traffic alert.

Balancing Features and Affordability

While the current MG 5 prioritizes an economical price point, the addition of the safety pack aims to strike a balance between affordability and enhanced safety features. Despite its leaner safety equipment list, the MG 5 has gained popularity in Australia, becoming the country's most affordable sedan at $24,990 drive-away for the base Vibe trim. Even the flagship Essence variant, priced at $28,990 drive-away, offers a competitive edge against rivals like the Kia Cerato.

In November, MG reported impressive sales figures, outperforming key competitors. The MG 5 range surpassed Mazda's entire 3 lineup in sales (758 vs. 654) and nearly equaled the Kia Cerato range (782 sales). Notably, MG achieved these results within just a few months since the MG 5's August launch, with a total of 1888 units sold, trailing closely behind the Subaru Impreza.

The forthcoming safety pack is poised to elevate the MG 5 sedan's appeal, addressing concerns about active safety features while maintaining its position as an affordable and stylish choice in the sedan segment. As MG continues to evolve its offerings, the MG 5 is set to become an even more compelling option for Australian drivers seeking a balance between safety, style, and value. Keep an eye out for further updates as MG Motor Australia works towards a safer and more feature-rich future for the MG 5 sedan.

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