Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Sales Surge to New Heights in Australia: A 2023 Overview

Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Sales Surge to New Heights in Australia: A 2023 Overview banner

Australia's automotive landscape witnessed a significant shift in consumer preferences last year, as hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles soared to new sales records, outpacing fully-electric counterparts. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) data reveals impressive figures, reflecting a growing interest in eco-friendly options. In this blog, we'll delve into the key statistics, notable trends, and the dominance of Toyota in this evolving market.

Hybrid Triumph

Toyota's Dominance and Record Growth Hybrid vehicles took center stage in 2023, setting a new sales record with 98,439 units sold. This marks a remarkable 20.3% increase from the previous year, showcasing a growing consumer affinity for hybrid technology. Notably, Toyota emerged as the uncontested leader, accounting for a staggering 73.2% of all hybrid sales. Despite facing increased competition, Toyota's hybrids demonstrated their staying power, finishing ahead of luxury division Lexus and other emerging players.

Toyota's Share and Hybrid Variety

While Toyota's share of hybrid sales slightly decreased from 89% in 2022, the brand maintained a significant lead. The 72,084 hybrids delivered in 2023, if considered a standalone brand, would secure a commendable sixth place overall in the market. With models like the Camry sedan and RAV4 leading the charge, hybrid technology represented over 92% of Camry sales and nearly 87% of RAV4 deliveries.

Electric vs. Hybrid

A Close Race As electric vehicles (EVs) gain traction, the battle between hybrids and EVs remains closely contested. Hybrid cars accounted for 8.1% of new vehicles sold, surpassing electric cars by a mere 11,000 units. The year saw a seesaw between the two technologies, with EVs leading in June but hybrids reclaiming the lead by August. Toyota's supply improvements and a surge in hybrid deliveries during August contributed to this noteworthy shift.

Plug-In Hybrid Growth and Top Performers:

While PHEVs constitute the smallest segment of electrified vehicles in Australia, they experienced an impressive 88.8% growth in 2023. Despite representing just 0.9% of new vehicles sold, PHEVs recorded 11,212 deliveries. The Mitsubishi Outlander emerged as the top-selling PHEV with 2274 units, followed by the MG HS Plus EV and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Mazda's CX-60 A Surprise Contender

An unexpected standout in the PHEV category was the Mazda CX-60, securing a fourth-place finish. Introduced in July, the CX-60 accounted for 41% of total CX-60 sales, making it a noteworthy player in the hybrid market. Extrapolating its sales figures from July to December hints at the potential for the CX-60 to lead annual PHEV sales charts.

The Australian automotive landscape is undergoing a transformative shift towards electrification, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles taking center stage. Toyota's continued dominance, coupled with the unexpected success of models like the Mazda CX-60, exemplifies the dynamic nature of this evolving market. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, the coming years promise even more exciting developments in Australia's electrified vehicle segment.

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