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Tynan Motors - 28th November 2022

The upgraded Hyundai Palisade has just achieved a 5-star safety rating, awarded by Australasia’s independent voice on vehicle safety, ANCAP SAFETY. All petrol and diesel Palisade models manufactured from May 2022 and available for purchase in Australia from 2022, have been awarded this 5-star rating. Note that all Palisade models manufactured before this date have a 4-star safety rating. 

Previous rating

Hyundai Palisade models originally released into the Australasian market in late 2020 were restricted to four stars due to performance limitations in the Adult Occupant Protection (79%) and Safety Assist (63%) areas of assessment. Respective threshold scores of 80% and 70% are required for five stars.

Current improvements to the Hyundai Palisade

Updated Palisade models (2023 facelift) have been tested and assessed by ANCAP, with the improved performance achieved in Adult Occupant Protection (84%) and Safety Assist (83%) - elevating its scores above the minimum thresholds required for five stars in all four key areas of assessment. The scores for Child Occupancy (88%) and Vulnerable Road User Protection (62%) remain unchanged. However, still results in an overall safety rating of 5-stars. 

The updated models feature a more sophisticated autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system, contributing to the increased Adult Occupant Protection and Safety Assist scores. The upgraded Hyundai Palisade models include:

  • a centre airbag fitted as a standard 
  • improved level of head protection in side impact crashes for front seat occupants 
  • improved AEB performance across all car-to-car AEB test 
  • speed limit information systems (vehicle identifies local speed limit)
  • Multi-collision braking

Technologies increasing the safety assist assessment score include:

  • AEB City - operates at lower speeds of between 10-50km/h
  • AEB Interurban - operates at higher speeds of between 50-250km/h
  • AEB VRU - detects vulnerable road users such as pedestrians
  • AEB Junction Assist - detect and prevent or minimise the severity of a crash when turning across the path of another vehicle or pedestrian 
  • AEB Backover - detect and prevent or minimise the severity of a crash with a pedestrian when the vehicle is reversing  
  • LSS - uses cameras and sensors to recognise lane markings through audible, visual or haptic warnings if the vehicle is leaving the lane without indicating. It maintains the intended lane of the vehicle and brings a wandering vehicle back within the intended lane.

“Consumers, fleets and mobility service providers prioritise the purchase and use of five-star ANCAP-rated vehicles, and this upgrade now sees the Palisade become a purchasing contender for these buyers.”

Full details on the safety performance of the updated Hyundai Palisade can be viewed at


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