Hyundai's Electric Future: Expanding the N Line with Exciting New Models

Hyundai's Electric Future: Expanding the N Line with Exciting New Models banner

Albert Biermann, the executive technical advisor of Hyundai Motor Company and former head of research and development, recently shared exciting news with Australian journalists during the launch of the Ioniq 5 N. Speaking via video link from Germany, Biermann hinted at a forthcoming expansion of Hyundai's electric N lineup, including the introduction of smaller, more affordable hot hatches.

According to Biermann, Hyundai is committed to broadening its range of battery electric N models, leveraging the capabilities of both the E-GMP and upcoming IMA platforms. He emphasized that these platforms offer ample potential for the development of higher-performing as well as more accessible models, catering to a wider range of customers.

"The race for high-performance EVs is just beginning," Biermann declared. "We have continuously improved our EV technology to set the pace, and the Ioniq 5 N serves as a strong reference point." However, he emphasized that Hyundai's future models must surpass the Ioniq 5 N in terms of performance and innovation, even if they are launched one or two years from now.

Hyundai's commitment to innovation extends beyond performance alone. Biermann emphasized the importance of delivering technically advanced and customizable performance battery electric vehicles (BEVs). He stressed that Hyundai cannot afford to rest on its laurels and must strive to offer "more of everything," regardless of a future model's price point.

As Hyundai sets its sights on an electrified future, Tynan Motors is proud to support customers in their journey towards sustainable mobility. With a commitment to excellence and a diverse range of Hyundai vehicles, including the cutting-edge Ioniq 5 N and future electric N models, Tynan Motors is your trusted partner for embracing the electric revolution.

Hyundai's vision for the future of electric mobility is bold and ambitious, with a lineup of N models poised to redefine performance in the electric vehicle market. From hot hatches to high-performance sedans, Hyundai's electric N lineup promises to deliver exhilarating driving experiences without compromising on sustainability. Get ready to embrace the future of electric performance with Hyundai and Tynan Motors by your side.

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