Hyundai's Mighty Electric Truck: A Game Changer in the Australian Commercial Vehicle Market

Hyundai's Mighty Electric Truck: A Game Changer in the Australian Commercial Vehicle Market banner

When you think of a new truck hitting the Australian market, your mind might immediately go to popular models like the Ford Ranger or Toyota HiLux. However, Hyundai Australia is here to change the game with the introduction of their all-new, all-electric light-duty commercial truck, the Mighty. This groundbreaking vehicle is set to take on competitors like the yet-to-be-launched Iveco eDaily and the Isuzu N Series NRR. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Mighty a remarkable addition to the Australian commercial vehicle scene.

Mighty's Electric Powertrain: Leading the Charge

At the heart of the Hyundai Mighty is a powerful permanent magnet synchronous electric motor that delivers 120kW of power and 320Nm of torque to the rear axle. While it may not break any speed records, the Mighty can reach a top speed of 100km/h.

In comparison, the Iveco eDaily, which is a formidable competitor, produces 140kW of power and 400Nm of torque in overseas markets. The Isuzu N Series NRR, while impressive, provides a power figure yet to be confirmed but offers 370Nm from its powertrain.

Dimensions and Payload Capacity

The Mighty is no lightweight contender in the commercial truck segment. It measures a substantial 6140mm in length with a 3300mm wheelbase. This formidable vehicle boasts an impressive 4050kg payload capacity and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 7300kg. The Mighty also offers the versatility of a genuine Hyundai alloy tray with dimensions of 4200mm by 2354mm.

Impressive Range and Charging Efficiency

Equipped with a massive 114.5kWh lithium-ion battery, the Mighty can travel up to 200km with a full load in real-world conditions before requiring a recharge. Its rivals, the Isuzu and Iveco, are also working hard to compete in this arena. The Isuzu N Series NRR aims to utilize modular battery packs up to 100kWh to achieve a 200km driving range, while the Iveco boasts a substantial battery capacity of up to 111kWh for an impressive 300km range.

What sets the Mighty apart, however, is its charging speed. With access to a 100kW DC fast charger, the Mighty needs only about 71 minutes to go from an eight percent battery charge to full capacity. Additionally, it can add approximately 100km of driving range in just 20 minutes, making it highly efficient for businesses on the go.

Features for Efficiency and Safety

The Mighty doesn't just offer an eco-friendly ride; it comes packed with features to enhance efficiency and safety. These include two-stage regenerative braking, an Eco driving mode, automatic headlights, heated side mirrors, and 7.0-inch displays for the driver and multimedia touchscreen. When it comes to safety, the Mighty offers an advanced driver assistance suite, encompassing forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, hill-start assist, and a reversing camera.

Availability and Warranty

Hyundai is taking a measured approach to the release of the Mighty, with only six Hyundai truck outlets offering this groundbreaking vehicle. The exterior color options extend to Creamy White or Hyper Silver, both of which come with a cloth interior.

For peace of mind, each Mighty comes with a generous five-year/200,000km warranty, while the battery is assured for a remarkable eight-year/400,000km period. Hyundai is also proud to announce that the first five years/100,000km of scheduled servicing for the Mighty will cost less than $4300, making it a practical choice for businesses looking to make a smart and sustainable investment.

In conclusion, Hyundai's Mighty electric truck is ready to reshape the commercial vehicle market in Australia. With its impressive power, range, charging speed, and safety features, it's a compelling choice for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment while ensuring efficiency and reliability. As the automotive world transitions toward sustainable options, the Mighty is a shining example of Hyundai's commitment to providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for the future.

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