Hyundai Staria Load: No More Waiting for Almost 1000 Customers

Hyundai Staria Load: No More Waiting for Almost 1000 Customers banner

Great news for businesses and drivers in need of a reliable delivery van – Hyundai Australia has announced a significant increase in the supply of Hyundai Staria Load vans, ensuring that almost 1000 eager customers won't have to endure any wait times.

Meeting Demand with Supply

With over 940 vehicles readily available at dealerships and an additional 210 awaiting distribution, Hyundai has responded to the growing demand for its new-generation delivery van. Recognizing the need to secure a larger share of the market, Hyundai has strategically positioned itself to compete with segment leaders like the Toyota HiAce.

Immediate Delivery Advantage

Hyundai is not shy about highlighting the advantages of the Staria Load over its competitors. In direct comparisons with the Toyota HiAce, Hyundai emphasizes the immediate availability of the Staria Load, contrasting it with the extended wait times often associated with the HiAce. This advantage is further reinforced by a reduced drive-away price, offering significant savings for buyers.

Streamlined Purchasing Process

To further enhance the appeal of the Staria Load, Hyundai has introduced five new accessory packs tailored to specific trade or field requirements. Whether it's the cargo pack, courier pack, full technician pack, or interior pack, customers can choose the package that best suits their needs, streamlining the purchasing process and ensuring that their van is equipped for the job at hand.

A Challenger in the Market

While the Staria Load may not yet surpass the HiAce in sales figures, its increased availability and competitive pricing make it a compelling option for businesses and drivers alike. With the Staria Load accounting for 14.2% of the segment compared to the HiAce's 47.1%, Hyundai is making significant strides in challenging the status quo.

Looking Ahead

As the demand for delivery vans continues to rise, Hyundai's commitment to meeting customer needs and enhancing the ownership experience sets a promising precedent. With an influx of Staria Load vans now readily available, businesses can confidently invest in a vehicle that not only meets their requirements but exceeds expectations.

In conclusion, Hyundai's efforts to strengthen the supply of the Staria Load demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. With no wait times for almost 1000 customers and an array of accessory packs to choose from, the Staria Load is poised to make a significant impact in the delivery van segment.

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