Introducing the All-Electric MG Cyberster: The Future of Convertible Driving

Introducing the All-Electric MG Cyberster: The Future of Convertible Driving banner

MG Motor is poised to revolutionize the Australian market with the launch of its first all-electric convertible, the MG Cyberster. This groundbreaking vehicle is set to introduce a new sector in Australia and New Zealand, combining cutting-edge technology with MG's rich heritage of fun and affordable driving.

Open for Orders: MG Cyberster

The order books for the MG Cyberster are now open, with MG Motor Australia’s national sales manager, Brad Chruszcz, hinting at a price range between $100,000 and $150,000. The official launch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

"We are really excited to be opening dealer orders and our official register-your-interest for our all-electric roadster, the Cyberster, featuring signature scissor doors as envisioned by Carl Gotham and his MG London design team," said Chruszcz. "Remember the original MG? Small and affordable, fun-driving roadsters like the 1960s and 1970s MG B and 1990s MG F? Well, decades later it’s back and thriving with the Cyberster, and I’m so excited to get our customers into these cars."

A Modern Take on Classic MG Fun

The MG Cyberster is far from the affordable roadsters of the past like the MG B and MG F. Instead, it positions itself in a more premium segment, with a price tag reminiscent of high-end vehicles from Stuttgart rather than Shanghai.

"Dealers are taking orders as we speak with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price range falling between $100,000 and $150,000 (before on-road costs). Exact pricing will be finalized closer to the launch date," added Chruszcz.

Features and Design

The MG Cyberster is designed to impress with its fully electric folding fabric roof, available in either deep red or black, which can be opened or closed in as little as 15 seconds. This feature underscores the vehicle's commitment to combining convenience with style.

Key Highlights of the MG Cyberster

  • Price Range: Estimated between $100,000 and $150,000 (excluding on-road costs).
  • Roof: Fully electric folding fabric roof in deep red or black.
  • Doors: Signature scissor doors designed by Carl Gotham and his MG London design team.
  • Launch Date: Scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.
  • Order Status: Now open for orders with a register-your-interest campaign underway.

Why Choose the MG Cyberster?

The MG Cyberster is not just an all-electric vehicle; it's a statement of innovation, blending MG's historic charm with futuristic technology. It brings a new level of excitement to the roadster segment, offering a unique driving experience that is both environmentally friendly and exhilarating.

Final Thoughts

As MG Motor prepares to launch the Cyberster, the anticipation is building among car enthusiasts and prospective buyers. This all-electric convertible is set to make waves in the automotive industry, offering a blend of classic MG fun with modern-day advancements.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch date, and visit Tynan Motors to register your interest and be one of the first to experience the future of driving with the MG Cyberster.

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