Jeep Grand Cherokee Prices Slashed: Up to $28,000 Off in Australia

Jeep Grand Cherokee Prices Slashed: Up to $28,000 Off in Australia banner

In a significant move to boost sales amidst declining numbers, Jeep Australia has announced substantial price cuts across the Jeep Grand Cherokee range, with reductions of up to $28,000 – or 23 per cent. This price adjustment comes as Jeep’s sales in Australia have plummeted to their lowest levels in nearly 15 years.

Price Hikes and Sales Slump

During the pandemic, Jeep implemented a series of steep price hikes across its lineup. The Wrangler Rubicon, for example, saw its cost soar by $19,000 within a year. The latest Grand Cherokee models also arrived with price increases of up to $17,500. Despite these hikes, Jeep reported only 4634 sales in Australia last year, marking its lowest result since 2009, following the Global Financial Crisis. The Grand Cherokee, in particular, had its worst annual performance since 2010, with just 1247 units sold. This is a stark contrast to 2014, when Jeep achieved its best result with over 30,000 deliveries, more than 16,500 of which were Grand Cherokees.

A Steep Decline and Price Adjustments

Jeep’s sales have continued to decline this year, dropping 40 per cent and placing the brand in 33rd position overall, behind Porsche, Mini, and its sibling, US pick-up specialist Ram. Over the first four months of 2024, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was even outsold by the Porsche 911, which has a starting price of approximately $300,000.

In response, Jeep Australia has slashed prices for the Model Year 2023 (MY23) Grand Cherokee lineup, covering both the five-seat and seven-seat 'L' bodies. The price cuts, effective immediately, range from $11,000 to $28,000. Notably, the largest reduction has been applied to the Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve petrol V6 seven-seater, while the five-seat Limited has the smallest decrease.

New Pricing Details

Here’s a breakdown of the updated prices for the Jeep Grand Cherokee in Australia:

  • Grand Cherokee Night Eagle five-seat – $65,450 (down $12,500 or 16 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee L Night Eagle seven-seat – $69,450 (down $13,300 or 16.1 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee Limited five-seat – $72,950 (down $11,000 or 13.1 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee L Limited seven-seat – $75,950 (down $12,800 or 14.4 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee Overland five-seat – $77,950 (down $20,500 or 20.8 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee L Overland seven-seat – $81,950 (down $21,300 or 20.6 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve seven-seat – $91,450 (down $28,000 or 23.4 per cent)
  • Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve 4xe five-seat plug-in hybrid – $111,450 (down $18,500 or 14.2 per cent)

Note: All prices exclude on-road costs.

Immediate Impact

The price cuts apply to the current stock of Model Year 2023 vehicles, as Model Year 2024 (MY24) models have not yet arrived in showrooms, according to a Jeep Australia spokesperson. This significant reduction in prices is expected to make the Grand Cherokee more competitive and appealing to buyers, helping to revive Jeep’s sales in the Australian market.

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