Kia Confirms Continued Production of Niro Alongside New EV3: Catering to Diverse Market Preferences

Kia Confirms Continued Production of Niro Alongside New EV3: Catering to Diverse Market Preferences banner

In an announcement that underscores Kia's commitment to catering to a wide range of customer needs and market conditions, Ho-Sung Song, President of Kia Motor Corporation, confirmed that the brand's small-segment electrified SUV, the Niro, will continue to be produced and sold alongside the newly revealed EV3 compact SUV.

Market-Specific Strategies

Speaking to global media during the reveal of the EV3, Mr. Song emphasized the importance of addressing the varying levels of battery electric vehicle (BEV) adoption across different markets. He highlighted that the Niro, with its hybrid and electric variants, would remain a vital part of Kia's lineup, particularly in regions where BEV adoption is not yet fully developed.

"We will continue to sell the Niro EV together with the EV3 in the market, because each market has different tastes or customer preferences. Some markets will prefer to offer the Niro EV, while others will go for the EV3," Mr. Song explained.

Hybrid Versus BEV: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Mr. Song elaborated on the expected market dynamics, noting that hybrid versions of the Niro are likely to gain more traction than the dedicated BEV alternatives such as the EV3 and the medium-segment EV5. The Niro’s hybrid model is anticipated to attract buyers who are not yet ready to make the full transition to electric vehicles.

"In the meantime, Niro also has a hybrid model, and we expect that there will be more buyers interested in the hybrid model than the EV model when we launch the EV3. That's because the EV3 is more focused on dedicated EV customers, while the Niro will become more for hybrid customers," he said.

Strategic Positioning of the EV3 and Niro

The newly unveiled EV3 compact SUV represents Kia's forward-thinking approach to electrification, targeting consumers who are fully committed to adopting BEV technology. In contrast, the Niro serves a dual purpose, offering both hybrid and electric options to cater to a broader spectrum of customer preferences and market readiness.

By maintaining the Niro alongside the EV3, Kia ensures that it remains flexible and responsive to the diverse needs of global markets. This strategy allows Kia to support customers at different stages of their journey towards full electrification, providing a transitional solution through the hybrid Niro while also pushing the boundaries with the fully electric EV3.


Kia's decision to continue the production and sale of the Niro alongside the new EV3 highlights the brand's adaptive and inclusive approach to the evolving automotive landscape. By offering both hybrid and electric options, Kia is well-positioned to meet the varying demands of customers worldwide, ensuring that no market is left behind in the transition to more sustainable transportation solutions.

As the EV3 prepares to make its debut, Kia's diverse lineup reaffirms its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, paving the way for a more flexible and electrified future.

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