Kia Seltos to Enter Second Generation with Hybrid Option in 2025

Kia Seltos to Enter Second Generation with Hybrid Option in 2025 banner

Kia is gearing up to introduce the second generation of its popular Seltos small SUV next year, according to a report from South Korean publication ETNews. The new model will include a petrol-electric hybrid variant, borrowing technology from its Hyundai Kona Hybrid sibling.

Production of the next-generation Seltos is set to begin in South Korea in August 2025. The first units are expected to arrive in Kia's home market showrooms by the end of that year. For Australian customers, the new Seltos could be available by late 2025 or the first half of 2026, though Kia has yet to confirm specific timing or formally announce the new model.

Introduction of a Hybrid Variant

The upcoming Seltos will feature a petrol-electric hybrid option as part of Kia’s strategy to expand its range of hybrid vehicles, amidst a slowdown in electric vehicle sales growth. The Seltos hybrid will utilize the same 1.6-litre hybrid system found in the front-wheel-drive Hyundai Kona Hybrid. However, it will offer an 'electronic' all-wheel drive option, potentially using a second electric motor to drive the rear wheels.

The Kona Hybrid's powertrain includes a 1.6-litre non-turbo four-cylinder petrol engine producing 77kW and 144Nm, combined with a 32kW and 170Nm electric motor. This setup, paired with a lithium-ion battery and a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, delivers a total output of 104kW and 265Nm. Hyundai claims a fuel consumption rate of 3.9 litres per 100 kilometres for the Kona Hybrid.

Impact on Kia’s Lineup

The Seltos hybrid will be offered alongside a regular non-hybrid petrol version, despite Kia already having a hybrid small SUV in its lineup, the Niro. This move will position the Niro between the new EV3 electric model and the hybrid Seltos. Currently, the Seltos outsells the Niro by a ratio of five to one, although the next-generation Seltos is expected to be slightly larger than its predecessor.

Kia has confirmed that the Niro will coexist with the EV3, retaining its importance in Western Europe, where the Seltos is not available. The introduction of the Seltos hybrid is part of Kia’s broader plan to offer nine hybrid models by 2028, up from six in 2024 and eight in 2026, as demand for fully electric vehicles fluctuates.


The next-generation Kia Seltos, featuring a hybrid variant, represents a significant advancement in Kia’s commitment to expanding its hybrid vehicle range. With production set to begin in August 2025 and a potential release in various markets by late 2025 or early 2026, the Seltos hybrid will offer consumers more choices in the small SUV segment, balancing performance, efficiency, and advanced technology.

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