Kia Sportage GT-Line Orders Reopen in Australia: What You Need to Know

Kia Sportage GT-Line Orders Reopen in Australia: What You Need to Know banner

Good news for fans of the flagship Kia Sportage GT-Line in Australia! After a pause of around three months due to component shortages and a backlog of orders, Kia has reopened orders for this popular SUV. Here's what you need to know about the latest developments in the Kia Sportage GT-Line saga.

Clearing the Backlog

The pause in Kia Sportage GT-Line orders was necessary to address the backlog of orders that had accumulated due to component shortages. During this period, the company focused on fulfilling existing backorders for this premium SUV.

A spokesperson for Kia Australia confirmed this strategy and stated that their primary goal is to ensure that customers who have been waiting for their Sportage GT-Line receive their vehicles promptly. They are committed to delivering on their promises to these customers.

Improved Supply Expected

The reopening of orders signifies a positive shift in supply dynamics for the Kia Sportage GT-Line. While there may still be a waiting period for new orders, Kia anticipates that overall Sportage supply will improve over the next few months.

Waiting Times for New Orders

If you're considering placing an order for a brand-new Kia Sportage GT-Line right now, it's essential to be aware of the expected waiting times. For the turbo-diesel variant, you can expect to wait approximately seven months, while the waiting period for the turbo-petrol variant is likely to be even longer.

In contrast, the average anticipated wait times for other variants of the Sportage lineup are approximately four months.

Exciting News: Sportage Hybrid on the Horizon

In addition to addressing supply issues, Kia Australia is preparing to introduce an exciting addition to the Sportage lineup—the Sportage Hybrid. This eco-friendly model is set to join the range early next year.

Roland Rivero, Kia Australia's product planning general manager, has confirmed that production of the Australian-specification Sportage Hybrid is expected to commence during the fourth quarter of 2023 in South Korea. This sets the stage for an early 2024 arrival in the Australian market.

Variants for Everyone

Kia Australia aims to provide a diverse range of options for customers interested in the Sportage Hybrid. In addition to a top-spec GT-Line variant, they plan to offer a lower- or mid-spec grade, similar to the existing S or SX specifications. This approach ensures that there will be a Sportage Hybrid to suit various preferences and budgets.

Pricing Expectations

While exact pricing details for the Sportage Hybrid have yet to be confirmed, it's expected that there will be a premium compared to non-electrified Sportage models. To provide some context, the Sorento HEV FWD and AWD models currently command a $4700 premium over their non-electrified counterparts.

For the Sportage Hybrid, a similar pricing strategy is anticipated, with a premium likely falling in the range of $4000 to $4500. Kia recognizes the importance of competitive pricing, especially in this segment, where cost considerations play a significant role in decision-making.

As Kia Australia focuses on meeting demand for the Sportage GT-Line and prepares to introduce the Sportage Hybrid, the brand continues to evolve its offerings to cater to a broad spectrum of customers. Whether you're seeking the pinnacle of luxury or a more budget-friendly option, Kia is working to provide choices that align with your preferences. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments in the world of Kia SUVs.

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