LG Expands webOS Infotainment to 2025 Kia EV3: A New Era for In-Vehicle Entertainment

LG Expands webOS Infotainment to 2025 Kia EV3: A New Era for In-Vehicle Entertainment banner

In an exciting development for both tech enthusiasts and electric vehicle (EV) aficionados, electronics giant LG has announced that its leading webOS infotainment platform will be integrated into the upcoming 2025 Kia EV3. This marks the first time the webOS system will be featured in an electric vehicle, setting a new standard for in-car entertainment and connectivity.

Global Launch in South Korea

While the Kia EV3 is not expected to hit Australian shores until next year, the global launch is slated for July 2024 in South Korea. The webOS platform, branded as the Automotive Content Platform (ACP) for vehicle applications, will be available from this initial release. ACP is a key component of LG AlphaWare, a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed for software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

A New Dimension of In-Vehicle Entertainment

The integration of webOS into the Kia EV3 promises a transformative in-vehicle experience. Passengers will have access to popular streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, as well as a variety of games and other interactive content. This system aims to bring the entertainment capabilities typically found on mobile devices and TVs directly into the car.

Although details on how the system will prevent driver distraction are still being finalized, compliance with driving safety regulations is a top priority. In South Korea, one of the standout features is the inclusion of LG Channel – a free, ad-supported streaming service offering more than 80 channels.

Enhancing the Mobility Experience

"Featuring numerous user-centric innovations, the EV3 enables our customers to enjoy a compelling in-vehicle experience, complete with many of their favorite premium streaming services," said Ryu Chang-sung, senior vice president and head of the Global Brand and CX division at Kia.

Eun Seok-hyun, president of LG Vehicle Component Solutions Company, echoed this sentiment, stating, "Our in-vehicle content platform elevates the mobility experience, providing easy access to a diverse array of high-quality content."

International Presence and Australian Prospects

The webOS platform is already making waves internationally. It can be found in the recently updated Kia Carnival people-mover, as well as the 2024 models of GV80, GV80 Coupe, and G80 from Kia's sibling brand Genesis. Australian buyers will also be able to access this system in the facelifted 2025 GV80 and GV80 Coupe through the rear seat entertainment option, which includes a range of apps such as Netflix, YouTube, karaoke, and gaming.

However, Kia Australia has yet to confirm whether the webOS software will be included in the specifications of the Australian-bound EV3. It's also worth noting that the local versions of the new Carnival do not currently have webOS installed.

Looking Forward

As LG and Kia continue to push the boundaries of in-car entertainment and connectivity, the integration of webOS into the 2025 Kia EV3 represents a significant leap forward. This partnership underscores the evolving nature of the automotive industry, where software and digital experiences are becoming as crucial as the vehicle's physical attributes.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the global launch of the Kia EV3 and the debut of webOS in the world of electric vehicles.

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