Mitsubishi's Electrification Strategy: Preparing for the Future

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As Australia gears up for the implementation of the federal New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) next year, Mitsubishi finds itself in a challenging position. Currently, the company offers only two electrified vehicles in Australia: the plug-in hybrid variants of the Outlander and Eclipse Cross. However, Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) is addressing concerns from its local dealer network with a comprehensive electrification strategy.

Current Electrified Offerings and Competition

Mitsubishi's current electrified lineup in Australia is limited compared to some of its competitors. For instance, Toyota has recently announced that all its mainstream petrol models will now be available as hybrids. This move highlights Mitsubishi's need to expand its electrified offerings to stay competitive in the evolving market.

Electrification Roadmap to 2030

During its recent 2024 dealer conference, MMAL detailed its plan for rolling out electrified models up to 2030 and beyond. This strategy aims to keep Mitsubishi relevant in the new energy vehicle landscape and ensure that dealers have the right cars to sell. The urgency of this initiative is underscored by the NVES, which could result in penalties for MMAL if it does not comply with the new standards.

Teaser of Future Models

While specific details about future models remain sparse, a teaser image from MMAL hints at several new vehicles across different segments. These include:

  • Possible new 4x4 wagons
  • A new Delica people mover
  • A facelifted Outlander, possibly with high-performance or off-road variants
  • A new Eclipse Cross
  • A coupe-like crossover that could succeed the Lancer or ASX

These models indicate a diverse and electrified future lineup for Mitsubishi, leveraging the extensive resources of its alliance with Renault and Nissan. This partnership provides access to various vehicles, platforms, and powertrains that can help MMAL transition to a lower-emission lineup.

Upcoming Electrified Models

One significant anticipated model is an electrified Triton ute. This vehicle will likely feature a new dedicated powertrain with an inline engine and transmission paired with an electric motor. This setup could also be used in a new Pajero Sport and potentially a new Pajero large SUV. However, a fully electric Triton is expected to be at least five years away due to challenges in fitting a large battery and managing overall weight.

Other potential electrified models that could arrive in Australia include a production version of the D

all-terrain people mover concept, previewed at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. This concept is likely a glimpse of the next-generation Delica. Additionally, a replacement for the ageing ASX small SUV is on the horizon, potentially featuring hybrid and fully electric drivetrain options similar to the ASEAN-oriented Xforce.


Mitsubishi Motors Australia is actively preparing for the future with a robust electrification strategy. While currently lagging behind some competitors, the company's roadmap to 2030 and beyond aims to introduce a diverse range of electrified vehicles. This strategy not only aligns with the upcoming federal New Vehicle Efficiency Standard but also positions Mitsubishi to meet the growing demand for new energy vehicles in Australia. As the market evolves, MMAL's commitment to electrification will be crucial in maintaining its competitiveness and providing its dealers with the right vehicles to meet customer needs.


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