Mitsubishi's Next-Generation ASX: A Leap Forward in Electrified Mobility

Mitsubishi's Next-Generation ASX: A Leap Forward in Electrified Mobility banner

Excitement is brewing in the automotive world as Mitsubishi Australia gears up to unveil its highly anticipated next-generation small SUV. With a decision expected before March and a local arrival slated for 2025, all eyes are on Mitsubishi as it prepares to redefine the segment with its innovative approach to electrified powertrains. As Mitsubishi's trusted partner, Tynan Motors is thrilled to be part of this journey toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Electrifying Possibilities: The PHEV ASX

Mitsubishi's commitment to embracing electrification is evident in its plans for the next-generation ASX. With the aging model due for a replacement, Mitsubishi is exploring the possibility of offering a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain—an option that aligns perfectly with the company's expertise in PHEV technology and its ongoing efforts to promote sustainable mobility.

Speaking at the recent launch of the new Triton ute, Mitsubishi Australia chief Shaun Westcott highlighted the importance of electrified powertrains in the next ASX. Acknowledging the ASX's status as one of Australia's most popular cars, Westcott emphasized the need for a modern solution that addresses both customer demand and evolving emissions standards.

Exploring All Options

While the decision on the next ASX is yet to be finalized, Mitsubishi is leaving no stone unturned. Options include the new model revealed for Europe, based on the Renault Captur, and the Indonesian-built Xforce. However, with the Xforce requiring significant safety upgrades for the Australian market, the European ASX—with its hybrid and PHEV powertrain options—emerges as a strong contender.

A Commitment to Safety and Innovation

Safety remains a top priority for Mitsubishi, with plans to ensure that any new model introduced meets the stringent safety requirements of the Australian market. Whether it's the European ASX or the next-generation Xforce, Mitsubishi is dedicated to delivering class-leading safety features and cutting-edge technology to Australian drivers.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Mitsubishi

As Mitsubishi Australia prepares to make a decision on the next-generation ASX, the automotive landscape is poised for a transformation. With electrification at the forefront of its strategy, Mitsubishi is paving the way for a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

Tynan Motors stands ready to support Mitsubishi's vision for a greener tomorrow. As a trusted dealer committed to offering the latest advancements in automotive technology, Tynan Motors looks forward to bringing Mitsubishi's electrified lineup to Australian drivers.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mitsubishi's electrifying journey and the future of the ASX at Tynan Motors. Together, we're driving toward a brighter, more sustainable future on the roads of Australia.

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