Mitsubishi Unveils Electrifying Vision with D:X Crossover Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi Unveils Electrifying Vision with D:X Crossover Concept at Tokyo Motor Show banner

Tokyo Motor Show took a thrilling turn as Mitsubishi pulled back the curtain on its latest creation, the D:X Crossover Concept. With an electrified heart and a daring design, this concept car hints at the future of Mitsubishi's much-loved Delica van. In this blog, we delve into the details of the D:X Concept, exploring its adventurous spirit, innovative features, and its potential as a versatile multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

D:X Crossover Concept:

Blending Adventure and Functionality: Mitsubishi's D:X Crossover Concept doesn't just promise a ride; it promises an adventure. Designed as a one-box concept car, the D:X showcases a bold and adventurous persona, inviting drivers to explore various off-road environments, from deserts to snowy terrains. The concept car is a visual delight, boasting a robust appearance with features like integrated rooftop boxes, lug tyres, side rails, and protective front and rear bumpers that scream rugged capability.

The Future of Delica:

With a clear nod to the much-loved Delica van, the D:X Concept aims to combine the convenience and roominess of an MPV with the handling prowess of an SUV. The six-seat configuration makes it a versatile option for families and adventure enthusiasts alike. Mitsubishi envisions the D:X as a boundaryless adventure vehicle, offering powerful and comfortable driving performance thanks to its plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system.

A Cabin Built for Exploration:

Step inside the D:X Concept, and you'll find a cabin that echoes the spaciousness and safety features of the Delica. The roomy interior is complemented by protective body elements, ensuring a secure environment for occupants during diverse adventures. Window graphics reminiscent of the Delica and a front window that wraps around to the bottom enhance the sense of space, creating a connection to Mitsubishi's iconic van.

Durable Design for Off-Road Dominance:

Mitsubishi's designers have left no stone unturned in creating a concept that exudes strength. Sturdy over fenders, chunky large-diameter tyres, and front and rear skid plates accentuate the D:X's capability in rough terrains. The family Dynamic Shield front fascia not only looks striking but acts as an integrated bumper and bodywork, reinforcing the commitment to protect the cabin during off-road escapades.

Innovative Lighting and Evolved Design:

The D:X Concept features cutting-edge projection lasers for lighting, creating a distinctive T-shape that extends to both ends. The design conveys an impression of width, making a bold statement on the road. The evolved Dynamic Shield front fascia, serving as both bumper and bodywork, showcases Mitsubishi's commitment to innovative and functional design.

Mitsubishi's D:X Crossover Concept has undoubtedly stolen the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show, heralding a new era of electrified adventures and innovative design. As the concept hints at a potential successor to the Delica van, Mitsubishi enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike are left eagerly anticipating the brand's next move. With the D:X Concept, Mitsubishi has not only showcased a vision for the future but has ignited the thrill of exploration on and off the road.

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