Navigating the Subaru Wait: A Look at Current Supply

Navigating the Subaru Wait: A Look at Current Supply banner

In the ever-evolving landscape of vehicle availability, Subaru Australia provides insights into the current supply situation, shedding light on wait times and availability for eager customers. While some models face longer waits than others, Subaru remains committed to addressing customer needs and ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

The Wait: Forester Hybrid and Crosstrek Hybrid

For those eyeing the Forester Hybrid and Crosstrek Hybrid, patience is key, with wait times ranging between four to six months. Despite the extended wait, Subaru assures customers that efforts are underway to increase supply and shorten lead times. Compared to last year, the wait for the Forester Hybrid has notably decreased, reflecting Subaru's proactive approach to meet demand.

Other Models in the Queue

While the Forester Hybrid and Crosstrek Hybrid lead the waitlist, other models such as the Outback XT and BRZ face more manageable wait times of three to four months. Depending on variant and availability, some models are readily in stock or require only a short wait of around a month.

Introducing the Electric Solterra

Amidst the wait, Subaru introduces its latest addition, the electric Solterra, with deliveries now underway at dealerships. With an estimated wait of three to four months depending on specifications and location, the Solterra represents Subaru's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.

A Glimpse at the Numbers

Despite supply challenges, Subaru's sales soared by 28 per cent in 2023, marking its best year since 2018. With impressive gains across models like the BRZ, Forester, and Outback, Subaru continues to capture the hearts of Australian drivers with its versatile lineup and reliable performance.

Your Journey Begins at Tynan Motors

At Tynan Motors, we understand the anticipation of waiting for the perfect Subaru to arrive. As your trusted Subaru dealer, we're here to guide you through the process and ensure a seamless purchasing experience. Whether you're eyeing the Forester Hybrid, Crosstrek Hybrid, or any other Subaru model, we're committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

Join Us for the Ride

Stay tuned for updates on Subaru's supply situation and the latest arrivals at Tynan Motors. With our dedicated team and comprehensive inventory, we're here to make your Subaru journey a smooth and enjoyable one.

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