New South Wales Government Launches Online Driver Knowledge Test for Learner Licences

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In a significant step towards modernizing the driver licensing process, the New South Wales Government has announced that new drivers can now take the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) online from the comfort of their own homes. This initiative aims to streamline the application process for learner driver licences, making it more accessible and efficient.

According to Transport for NSW, individuals aged 15 years and 11 months or older are now eligible to take the DKT online before applying for their learner licence once they turn 16. While the option to take the test in-person at a Service NSW Centre remains available, the new online option provides a convenient alternative.

Previously, the only way to complete the requirement was by taking the test at a Service NSW Centre. This process often tied up human resources and led to longer wait times for patrons. The online DKT is currently available in English and Simplified Chinese, with additional languages to be introduced in the future.

This change follows the successful implementation of the online learner permit test in Victoria in August 2021, which was fast-tracked due to the pandemic in 2020. Similar online testing options are also available in Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania.

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment, and Regulation, Sally Webb, highlighted the benefits of this new digital approach. "We know that learning has changed over the years, and this new digital, accessible, and interactive product is a reflection of how people learn today," she said in a written statement.

Ms Webb emphasized that the online DKT offers easier access for individuals in regional or remote locations who may not live close to a Service NSW Centre. Additionally, the test features text-to-speech functionality, making it accessible for people with low literacy or dyslexia.

Another advantage of the online DKT is the cost benefit. Candidates can take the test multiple times at no additional cost until they pass. A fee of $55 is only required when applicants visit a Service NSW Centre to apply for their learner licence and have their photo taken.

The introduction of the online DKT follows a successful six-week pilot program, during which 94 percent of participants rated the online test with either four or five stars. This positive feedback indicates strong support for the new system and its potential to improve the learner licensing process.

With this innovative approach, the New South Wales Government is making significant strides towards a more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly driver licensing experience.

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