NRMA Urges Motorists to Capitalize on Falling Fuel Prices Ahead of Easter Road Trips

NRMA Urges Motorists to Capitalize on Falling Fuel Prices Ahead of Easter Road Trips banner

As the Easter long weekend approaches, motorists across Australia are gearing up for road trips and family getaways. However, with fuel prices on the brink of a cycle upswing, the NRMA is urging drivers to seize the opportunity and fill up their tanks this week. With prices falling towards the bottom of the cycle, now is the perfect time to top up and save before hitting the road. Let's delve into the details of the current fuel market and what drivers can expect in the coming days.

Fuel Price Trends: In Sydney, the average price for regular unleaded sits at 190.5 cents per litre, nearing the bottom of the cycle. Diesel prices in the city average at 200.2 cents per litre. While Sydney's wholesale price for regular unleaded has risen slightly to 184.7 cents per litre, it remains relatively low compared to recent peaks.

According to NRMA Spokesperson Peter Khoury, petrol prices are expected to rise again next week, making it crucial for motorists to take advantage of the current dip. With around 44 per cent of service stations in Sydney offering petrol below 187 cents per litre, there's ample opportunity for savings.

Easter Road Trip Tips: For families planning Easter road trips, filling up now can lead to significant savings on fuel costs. Khoury advises motorists to utilize the My NRMA app or fuel check app to find the best local prices in their area before hitting the road. With a 55 cent gap between the cheapest and most expensive service stations in Sydney, savvy drivers can make informed decisions and stretch their dollars further.

Current Fuel Prices Across Australia:

  • Adelaide: 192.3 cents per litre (falling)
  • Brisbane: 202.0 cents per litre (falling)
  • Melbourne: 203.4 cents per litre (falling)
  • Perth: 180.1 cents per litre (falling)
  • Sydney: 190.5 cents per litre (falling)
  • Canberra: 208.7 cents per litre (stable)
  • Darwin: 191.7 cents per litre (stable)
  • Hobart: 198.6 cents per litre (stable)

Conclusion: As fuel prices approach the bottom of the cycle, the NRMA's advice to motorists is clear: fill up now and save. With Easter road trips on the horizon, taking advantage of falling prices can make a significant difference in travel expenses. By using available apps to compare prices and making informed decisions, drivers can ensure a smoother and more budget-friendly journey. Don't wait until prices spike again – seize the opportunity to fill up and hit the road with peace of mind and savings in tow.

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