NSW Introduces New Camera Technology to Detect Seatbelt Infringements

NSW Introduces New Camera Technology to Detect Seatbelt Infringements banner

In a significant move to enhance road safety, the New South Wales Government has announced that cameras used to detect unlawful mobile phone use by drivers will soon be capable of identifying seatbelt infringements. Starting from 1 July 2024, these advanced overhead cameras will monitor and capture images of drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts or wearing them incorrectly, such as having the sash under the arm.

No Grace Period for Offenders

Motorists should be aware that there will be no grace period once this new technology is implemented. The NSW Parliament has voted against a warning period, meaning that from July, drivers and passengers caught violating seatbelt laws will face immediate penalties. Offenders can expect a fine of $387 and three demerit points. During declared double demerit periods, the penalties will be even more severe. In addition, courts have the authority to impose fines of up to $2200 if the individual is found guilty.

Responsibilities and Fines

Not only drivers but also passengers aged 16 years and older will be fined individually if found not wearing a seatbelt. Drivers hold the responsibility to ensure that passengers under the age of 16 are wearing their seatbelts correctly. Each year, more than 10,000 people are fined for seatbelt non-compliance in New South Wales.

The Importance of Seatbelt Compliance

Despite seatbelt use being mandatory for over fifty years, data from the past five years to 2023 reveals that 150 people died in motor vehicle accidents due to not wearing seatbelts. Alarmingly, 15 per cent of the state’s road fatalities are attributed to seatbelt non-usage, which includes either not wearing a seatbelt or not wearing it properly.

Government's Stance

NSW Minister for Roads, John Graham, emphasized the critical role of seatbelts in saving lives. "Seatbelts save lives, it’s as simple as that," he stated in May 2024. "Wearing a seatbelt doubles a person’s chance of survival in a car crash, and the NSW Government is doing everything we can to make sure the simplest safety feature in a car is being used by everyone."


The introduction of camera technology to detect seatbelt infringements underscores the NSW Government's commitment to road safety. By enforcing strict penalties without a grace period, the government aims to significantly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries resulting from seatbelt non-compliance. As these new measures come into effect, drivers and passengers alike are urged to prioritize their safety by always wearing seatbelts correctly.

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