RAM Revs Up for Battle: All-New Mid-Size Pickup Takes Aim at HiLux and Ranger

RAM Revs Up for Battle: All-New Mid-Size Pickup Takes Aim at HiLux and Ranger banner

Stellantis Resumes Operations for the Production Launch of RAM's Highly Anticipated Mid-Size Pickup

In a significant development, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union has announced the resumption of operations at Stellantis' Belvidere assembly plant in the United States, signaling the imminent production start of a groundbreaking mid-size pickup truck. While the official name is yet to be revealed, all signs point to the eagerly awaited RAM 'Dakota'—RAM's inaugural global mid-size pickup designed to rival the likes of the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger.

Australia in the Spotlight: RAM's Commitment to the Down Under Market

The RAM Dakota is set to make a grand entrance into the Australian market, establishing itself as a formidable contender in the mid-size pickup segment. RAM has already confirmed plans for the Dakota to reach Australian shores, either through right-hand drive conversion alongside the RAM 1500 pickup or directly from the factory with right-hand drive configuration.

Distinguished by its utilitarian design, the Dakota is expected to position itself as a robust and versatile ladder-frame dual-cab 4x4 pickup. While details about the exterior remain under wraps, the pickup might draw inspiration from the recently launched RAM Rampage 'lifestyle' ute in Latin American markets.

Electrifying Performance: A Glimpse into RAM's Future

Notably, the UAW's announcement has sparked excitement and speculation about the Dakota's powertrain. UAW vice-president Rich Boyer hinted at a "new battery plant" nearby, suggesting that the mid-size pickup could feature some degree of electrification. This aligns with previous information hinting at the possibility of a battery-electric powertrain being offered with the Dakota, marking a significant move towards sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Global Aspirations: RAM's Vision for the Dakota

The upcoming Dakota is anticipated to provide a compelling mix of towing capacity, payload capabilities, and off-road prowess—aligning closely with the performance benchmarks set by popular 4x4 pickups in the Australian market. With an eye on global expansion, RAM CEO Mike Koval expressed the brand's commitment to electrified solutions and highlighted the importance of global growth, not limited to domestic markets.

While the RAM Rampage, produced in Brazil, has been a subject of speculation, it remains unclear whether it will evolve into RAM's long-promised global mid-size ute or if a distinct body-on-frame RAM pickup is in the works. Industry observers are closely watching developments, especially considering the recent sightings of Rampage prototypes undergoing testing in the United States.

Despite the buzz surrounding the Dakota, specific details about its release timing and a public unveiling are yet to be disclosed. RAM enthusiasts and pickup aficionados will have to wait patiently for further updates as the Belvidere assembly plant gears up for the production of RAM's groundbreaking mid-size pickup. Stay tuned for the latest developments as RAM ushers in a new era in the competitive world of mid-size pickups.

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