Renault Expands Commercial Vehicle Lineup in Australia: Petrol/Diesel Kangoo and Electric Trafic on the Horizon

Renault Expands Commercial Vehicle Lineup in Australia: Petrol/Diesel Kangoo and Electric Trafic on the Horizon banner

Renault Australia is gearing up to broaden its offering in the small commercial vehicle segment with the impending arrival of a new petrol or diesel variant of the Kangoo, alongside the already-confirmed electric Kangoo E-Tech. The expansion of Renault's lineup aims to cater to a diverse range of customer needs, providing options for businesses looking for efficient and reliable commercial vehicles.

Charly Clercin, Renault Australia's product manager, confirmed the arrival of the internal combustion engine (ICE) version of the Kangoo, stating that it is expected to join the lineup later this year. In addition to the electric E-Tech variant, the Kangoo is available in Europe with a choice of either a 1.3-litre turbo-petrol four-cylinder or a 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine. While it remains unclear which variant will be introduced to the Australian market, Renault Australia is poised to offer customers a comprehensive selection to suit their specific requirements.

Furthermore, Renault Australia has expressed its aspirations to introduce the electric version of the Trafic, the brand's mid-size delivery van, to the Australian market. The Trafic E-Tech, currently available in Europe, boasts a 90kW electric motor powered by a 52kWh battery array, delivering a claimed driving range of 240km on the WLTP cycle when unladen. With growing interest in electric vehicles and increasing environmental awareness among businesses, the Trafic E-Tech represents a promising addition to Renault's commercial vehicle lineup in Australia.

While confirmation of the Trafic E-Tech's availability is pending, Clercin remains optimistic, stating that an announcement could come "hopefully by the end of the year." The potential introduction of the electric Trafic underscores Renault's commitment to offering sustainable mobility solutions to Australian businesses, aligning with the global trend towards electrification and environmental responsibility.

Renault's expansion of its commercial vehicle lineup reflects the brand's strategic approach to meeting the evolving needs of Australian consumers and businesses. With a blend of petrol, diesel, and electric options, Renault aims to provide versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions for the commercial vehicle market in Australia. As the automotive industry continues to embrace electrification, Renault remains at the forefront of innovation, driving forward the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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