Renault's 'Human First' Program: Pioneering Electric Vehicle Safety

Renault's 'Human First' Program: Pioneering Electric Vehicle Safety banner

Renault, a front-runner in automotive innovation, has unveiled its groundbreaking 'Human First' program, a global initiative addressing serious concerns regarding electric vehicle (EV) fire safety and enhancing overall motor accident safety. In collaboration with firefighters worldwide, including Australian fire and rescue organizations, Renault aims to ensure the safety of road users by prioritizing accident prevention, effective accident management, and substantial investments in research and development (R&D). This blog explores the key components of Renault's 'Human First' program and its implications, particularly in the context of the upcoming Australian launch of the Renault Megane E-Tech BEV.

Preventing Accidents:

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Safety Equipment: Renault's commitment to safety starts with accident prevention. The company has incorporated over 36 ADAS technologies and 60 specific safety features across its vehicle range. These technologies play a crucial role in preventing and mitigating collision severity. As Renault gears up for the Australian release of the Megane E-Tech, these advanced safety features underscore the brand's dedication to protecting road users.

Effective Road Accident Management:

Collaborating with Global Firefighters: A cornerstone of the 'Human First' program is Renault's unique collaboration with firefighters globally. The objective is clear – to extinguish EV battery fires within 10 minutes, addressing a critical concern in EV safety. By actively engaging with fire and rescue bodies, including those in Australia through the World Rescue Organisation (WRO), Renault aims to enhance crash management procedures. This collaboration ensures that the first 60 minutes after a crash, a pivotal timeframe for improving survival rates, are maximized through innovations, systems, and processes.

Reducing Accidents:

Investments in R&D and On-Board Technologies: Renault is committed to reducing the number of accidents through substantial investments in R&D. The 'Human First' safety program focuses on developing on-board technologies like Safety Score and Safety Coach, along with connected services. These innovations contribute significantly to crash prevention, emphasizing Renault's holistic approach to safety.

Megane E-Tech: A Pioneer in Human-First Safety:

Renault Australia's general manager, Glen Sealey, emphasizes that the upcoming Megane E-Tech is the first beneficiary of the 'Human First' safety program. The vehicle, already boasting a coveted five-star EuroNCAP safety rating in Europe, signifies Renault's commitment to prioritizing safety in its cutting-edge electric vehicles.

Renault's 'Human First' program marks a significant leap forward in electric vehicle safety and overall road user protection. By actively involving firefighters globally, prioritizing accident prevention and effective management, and investing in cutting-edge technologies, Renault sets a new standard for the automotive industry. As the 'Human First' initiative takes center stage with the imminent launch of the Megane E-Tech in Australia, Renault continues to drive innovation, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of its vision for the future of mobility.

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