Reviving the Legend: Mitsubishi Pajero Set for a Comeback in 2027 with Plug-In Hybrid Power

Reviving the Legend: Mitsubishi Pajero Set for a Comeback in 2027 with Plug-In Hybrid Power banner

Exploring the Future of Off-Road Excellence

In a thrilling turn of events for off-road enthusiasts, the iconic Mitsubishi Pajero is reportedly set to make a triumphant return in 2027, and it's bringing some electrifying changes with it. According to a recent report from Japanese magazine Best Car, Mitsubishi has initiated the development of a new, full-size Pajero, targeting a production line debut in 2027.

The Comeback Vehicle: A Glimpse into the Future

While details about the new Pajero are scant, Best Car has revealed a significant shift in the powertrain – the upcoming model is expected to be a plug-in hybrid. This marks a departure from the traditional combustion engine setup of its predecessor, signaling Mitsubishi's commitment to embracing environmentally friendly technologies.

The Pajero, known for its robust four-wheel-drive capabilities and a legacy spanning over 40 years with more than 3.3 million sales, took its final bow in 2021. However, its spirit lives on through the smaller Triton ute-based Pajero Sport. Now, the anticipation is building as Mitsubishi gears up to revive the legend.

Under the Hood: Plug-In Hybrid Power

The decision to equip the new Pajero with plug-in hybrid technology is a noteworthy development. As the automotive industry shifts towards sustainable solutions, Mitsubishi's expertise in this area shines through. While Best Car hasn't delved into the technical specifics, the move to plug-in hybrid power aligns with the global push towards eco-friendly alternatives.

It remains uncertain whether the Pajero revival will share underpinnings with the next-generation Nissan Patrol. The alliance between Japanese automakers Mitsubishi and Nissan, along with French marque Renault, suggests potential collaboration to reduce costs. However, Mitsubishi executives have clarified that the new Pajero won't merely be a rebadged Patrol. Instead, they hint at exploring synergies within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, sharing "systems and components."

Australian Perspective: Eager Anticipation for Large SUVs

Down under, Mitsubishi Australia is closely watching the developments. Shaun Westcott, Mitsubishi Australia boss, expressed keen interest in a new Pajero during a recent interview with Drive. He emphasized the importance of any vehicle carrying the Pajero name being distinctive and outstanding. With a nod to the strong demand for large SUVs in Australia, Westcott hinted at Mitsubishi's plans to introduce new large SUVs in the coming years.

"While I can't divulge the exact nameplates, our global platforms include some large SUVs in there," Westcott stated, alluding to a recent media presentation in Japan that teased multiple new large SUVs.

As the automotive industry embraces innovation and sustainability, the return of the Mitsubishi Pajero with plug-in hybrid power marks a thrilling chapter in the legendary SUV's story. Off-road enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and automotive enthusiasts alike eagerly await the unveiling of the new Pajero, set to redefine the standards of off-road excellence in 2027. The stage is set for a legendary comeback – the Pajero is ready to conquer new horizons with a greener, more electrifying powertrain.

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