Saint Kilda Saints' Milestone: A New Road with Chery

Saint Kilda Saints' Milestone: A New Road with Chery banner

In the world of Australian Rules Football (AFL), milestones are celebrated with grandeur and excitement. And as the Saint Kilda Saints football club gears up to mark its 150th year in the league, there couldn't be a more fitting occasion to announce a groundbreaking partnership. The Saints have officially entered the automotive world with a three-year sponsorship deal with none other than the renowned Chinese car manufacturer, Chery.

The announcement has sent ripples of enthusiasm throughout the AFL community, and it's not just because of the impressive tenure the Saints have had in the league. It's also because this partnership marks the first of its kind for the club, introducing a new player into the league's automotive sponsorship landscape.

St Kilda Saints Chief Executive Officer, Simon Lethlean, spoke about the significance of this partnership, stating, "The automotive sector is an industry we've been looking to partner with for some time, and we feel we've found the perfect partner now in Chery. We're both committed to pioneering our respective industries, constantly seeking to innovate and push the boundaries in order to grow and advance."

This collaboration is more than just a sponsorship deal; it's a testament to the club's commitment to exploring new horizons and pushing boundaries. As the Saints look forward to their 150th year, they're embracing change, just as they have throughout their storied history on the football field.

But where does this partnership place the Saints in comparison to other AFL teams? Here's a quick rundown of some other AFL teams and their respective car manufacturer sponsorship deals:

  1. Adelaide Crows: Toyota
  2. Brisbane Lions: Hyundai
  3. Carlton Blues: Hyundai
  4. Collingwood Magpies: No official partnership with any car manufacturers.
  5. Essendon Bombers: No official partnership with any car manufacturers.
  6. Fremantle Dockers: Toyota
  7. GWS Giants: No official partnership with any car manufacturers.
  8. Geelong Cats: Ford
  9. Hawthorn Hawks: Nissan
  10. Melbourne Demons: Jaguar
  11. North Melbourne Kangaroos: Mazda
  12. Port Adelaide Power: MG
  13. Richmond Tigers: No official partnership with any car manufacturers.
  14. St Kilda Saints: Chery (New partnership)
  15. Sydney Swans: Volkswagen
  16. West Coast Eagles: Audi
  17. Western Bulldogs: Toyota

As you can see, the St Kilda Saints have embarked on a new journey with Chery, adding a unique dimension to the AFL's landscape. This partnership not only opens doors for the club but also for Chery, as they venture into the world of Australian Rules Football. It's a win-win situation for both parties, and fans can look forward to seeing how this collaboration unfolds in the coming years.

So, as the Saints celebrate their rich history and look ahead to the future, they do so with a new road to explore, powered by Chery. It's a partnership that represents progress, innovation, and a commitment to excellence—values that both the Saints and Chery share as they embark on this exciting journey together. Here's to the next 150 years of the Saints' legacy, with Chery by their side.

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