Sneak Peek Inside the Upcoming MG 3: Unveiling a Fusion of Style and Tech

Sneak Peek Inside the Upcoming MG 3: Unveiling a Fusion of Style and Tech banner

While the eagerly awaited next-generation MG 3 hatchback is still cloaked in camouflage on the outside, a recent local sighting has given us an undisguised glimpse into its stylish interior. Set to be officially revealed on February 26, the MG 3 is poised to make a bold statement with its fusion of two-tone aesthetics and advanced technology.

Distinctive Two-Tone Interior

In the interior shots of the camouflaged MG 3, the most striking feature is the distinctive two-tone treatment that graces the doors, dashboard, and center console. A harmonious blend of black and greyish-white creates an elegant and modern atmosphere. The seats, featuring unique diamond-patterned inserts, contribute to the interior's dynamic visual appeal.

Technologically Advanced Cabin

The dashboard steals the show with two separate, free-standing screens – a digital instrument cluster and an infotainment touchscreen. Minimalistic switchgear on the center stack, with a single row of buttons below the touchscreen, underscores a clean and modern design. A pair of air vents sits neatly below the button row, emphasizing functional simplicity.

The center console hosts a rotary dial gear selector, buttons for the electronic parking brake, auto-hold function, and drive mode selection. A wireless phone charger and a small shelf ahead of the shifter enhance convenience, while a covered center compartment and a center console bin with a padded armrest add to the interior's practicality.

Rear Comfort and Design

Moving to the back, passengers are treated to rear air vents at the rear of the center console and map pockets on the seatbacks. The rear door design, predominantly in black, features contrast-colored armrests and metallic-finished door handles.

Exterior Sneak Peek

Although the exterior remains concealed by camouflage, a leaked image online and various teasers hint at more aggressive styling, aligning with the MG 5 sedan's aesthetic. The new MG 3 promises to captivate not only with its interior but also with its bold and eye-catching exterior design.

Safety and Powertrain Innovations

Excitingly, the MG 3 is set to incorporate autonomous emergency braking, aligning with the mandatory safety regulations for newly introduced models in Australia since March 2023. Additional safety features expected include traffic sign recognition, lane-keep assist, and tire-pressure monitoring.

For the first time, the MG 3 will offer a hybrid powertrain alongside its petrol engine option. Drawing inspiration from the successful ZS-based VS crossover in Thailand, the hybrid variant combines a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a 70kW/200Nm electric motor and a 2.1kWh lithium-ion battery. This setup achieves a combined power output of 130kW, with an impressive claimed fuel consumption as low as 5.8 liters per 100km.

Affordability and Popularity

MG Motor Australia CEO Peter Ciao emphasizes the brand's commitment to offering affordable yet feature-rich cars. While the exact specifications are yet to be confirmed, the new MG 3 is expected to be slightly more expensive than its predecessor, which currently starts at $19,990 drive-away. Despite its age, the MG 3 has consistently gained popularity, securing a remarkable 43.3% share of its segment in 2023.

In 2023 alone, MG Motor Australia sold 15,430 units of the MG 3, outshining competitors like the Suzuki Swift, Mazda 2, and Kia Rio. As the cheapest model in Australia, the MG 3 has carved a niche for itself, offering an attractive combination of affordability, style, and advanced features.

The upcoming reveal of the next-generation MG 3 holds the promise of elevating the hatchback segment with its modern design, cutting-edge technology, and an expanded range of safety features. Car enthusiasts and MG fans alike eagerly await the official unveiling on February 26 to witness the evolution of this beloved model.

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