Suzuki Ignis Bids Farewell, All-New Fronx Crossover on the Horizon

Suzuki Ignis Bids Farewell, All-New Fronx Crossover on the Horizon banner

Suzuki Australia is set to phase out the long-serving Ignis light SUV and introduce the all-new Fronx crossover in the first half of 2025. This transition marks a significant shift for the brand, as the Ignis has been a popular and affordable choice for Australian drivers since its launch in 2016.

A Gradual Transition

The Ignis, known for its compact design and budget-friendly price, currently starts at $21,490 plus on-road costs. It holds the title of the most wallet-friendly option in Suzuki Australia's lineup. However, the Fronx, which is expected to be more expensive, will gradually take its place.

Michael Pachota, Suzuki Australia’s General Manager, mentioned the potential for a brief overlap between the two models. "Locally, it is a new model introduction for us because it will be a light SUV," Pachota said. The Fronx is set to arrive "early in 2025," and there may be a transition period, depending on supply and sales.

Pricing and Positioning

While Pachota did not provide specific pricing details for the Fronx, there is speculation that it could arrive close to the current Ignis pricing. Given the trajectory of recent models like the Swift Hybrid, it's possible that the Indian-built Fronx will be priced competitively to attract new buyers while maintaining Suzuki's reputation for affordability.

Embracing Hybrid Technology

Suzuki Australia has recently launched its first petrol-electric hybrid model, the Swift Hybrid, signaling a broader move towards electrified vehicles. The brand plans to offer hybrid versions of the Vitara, S-Cross, and the new Fronx. Although specific powertrains and technology details have yet to be confirmed, it's likely that all three will feature mild hybrid technology.

For the Vitara and S-Cross, a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, already available in other markets, is anticipated. The Fronx is expected to use a 12-volt mild-hybrid system similar to the Swift Hybrid. This adaptation is essential for Suzuki to comply with the New Vehicle Emissions Standard (NVES), reflecting the company's commitment to reducing emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of the Fronx and the shift towards hybrid technology marks an exciting new chapter for Suzuki Australia. As the Ignis bids farewell, the Fronx will bring fresh energy and innovation to the brand's lineup, appealing to a new generation of drivers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the arrival of the Fronx and other electrified models from Suzuki. For those interested in experiencing the latest in Suzuki's offerings, visit Tynan Motors and explore the range of vehicles ready to hit the road.

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