Suzuki Jimny Automatic: Back in Action with Increased Production and Exciting Updates

Suzuki Jimny Automatic: Back in Action with Increased Production and Exciting Updates banner

Great news for Suzuki Jimny enthusiasts! The automatic version of the three-door Suzuki Jimny is once again available for order, thanks to increased production and efforts by Suzuki Australia. After a brief pause in January 2023 due to unprecedented demand and extended wait times, the beloved two-pedal small 4x4 is making a comeback for 2024.

Michael Pachota, Suzuki Australia's General Manager, shared the exciting development in a recent media statement, highlighting the successful efforts to secure incremental volume for the Jimny automatic. While back orders extend into the second half of 2024, the increased production allows Suzuki to resume orders for the coveted automatic transmission in the Jimny.

Background and Previous Challenges:

The automatic Jimny faced a temporary hiatus in January 2023 due to an overwhelming demand that resulted in staggering 18-month wait times. Despite reopening order books in September with a limited allocation of 500 units, the rapid exhaustion of the available slots underscored the continued popularity of this pint-sized off-roader.

Price and Premium:

Before the order pause, the Suzuki Jimny automatic was priced from $33,490 plus on-road costs, representing a $1500 premium compared to its manual counterpart. The return of the automatic variant brings renewed opportunities for those seeking the convenience and ease of the two-pedal configuration.

Jimny XL Launch and Speculations:

Interestingly, the re-emergence of the three-door Jimny automatic coincides with the launch of the five-door Jimny XL in Australia. Offering a choice between a five-speed manual or a four-speed auto, the Jimny XL adds diversity to Suzuki's lineup. While Suzuki Australia hasn't confirmed this, it's speculated that the availability of the Jimny XL may have influenced some prospective automatic three-door Jimny buyers to opt for the larger five-door variant instead.

Sales Performance and Shifts:

From January to the end of November 2023, Suzuki reported 4426 Jimnys sold in Australia, reflecting a 5.5% reduction compared to the same period the previous year. The automatic's initial availability challenges may have contributed to this decline, but the surge in manual Jimny orders, increasing by over 250%, indicates a notable shift in consumer preferences.

With the return of the automatic three-door Suzuki Jimny and the debut of the Jimny XL, Suzuki Australia continues to evolve its lineup to meet the diverse demands of its customer base. The increased production capacity reflects the brand's commitment to addressing customer needs and maintaining the Jimny's iconic status in the off-road and compact SUV market. As enthusiasts eagerly await their turn behind the wheel, Suzuki's latest moves promise an exciting chapter for the Jimny in 2024 and beyond.

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